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AI slowing down too soon when entering pits

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. I did AIW with ISI AIW editor. I followed instructions to the letter and all is well but.. AI slows down from the point where pitline branches from fastline. And worse still, it keeps that speed until the pitline meets fastline again after pitexit. That's is a major bummer since the point is at the end part of a long mainstraight. If they'd speed up after passing thru xpitout, they would have safe re-entering speed but 80km/h versus 230km/h creates a big mess..

    Track (Race07): http://Cream.Galleria.fi/BTB/Projects/Cicada/Cicada.msi
    Just the AIW: http://Cream.Galleria.fi/BTB/Projects/Cicada/Cicada.aiw.zip

    AIW is not 100% ready, there are small kinks left but i need this problem sorted first. Note! The track is unreleased v1.0 beta so don't start sharing it yet..
  2. The trasition from the fast line to the pit fast line must be smooth (no kinks or sharp changes in direction) or the AI cars will slow down because they think there is a sharp curve cumming up. Make sure the point where the pit line rejoins the fast line is also smooth and has a long enough transition for the cars to speed up.
  3. ebrich


    Went on the track, first of all, and the cars were 50meters under the terrain at start up.
    Went back and put the downloaded aiw in place of the one in the track and it was fine.
    Pit entry at 130kph slowed to pit speed on crossing the red line well inside the track.
    As soon as I left the pit stop I was able to do what speed I wanted.
    So I had no problem with speed and pit lane.
    Love the track but found some of the textures - barriers - trees - rumble pads very tiring on the eyes - sort of glistening. I thought it may have been the recent update to my graphics card but went on another track and that was OK fps 50 to 70.
    Its going to be great to race on.
    Must go and see if the AI cars think the same.
  4. ebrich


    It seems as if the AI cars think that the end of the pits is halfway to the bend, after it, as they even brake and then take off at race speed. So I suppose its much the same for the pit in although it doesn't look like a kinky AI line as the cars keep good and straight, no bottom waggling to be seen!
  5. Yeah, AI pit is the problem.. The pitin/out xgates are in the right places and there is no large kinks at the joint (the out join is about 30cm too much on left, that's not much..), i just don't get what's wrong.. Like you saw from the layout, this issue is a major one..

    I can't see any errors on those textures on my card but i'm very interested how they look on different systems.. Can you take a sccreenshot that shows it? I'll take a note on texture contrasts, they can be too high now.. I find it easier to do crips textures at the beginning and smooth them along the process.. But that's not the problem... I will try next to create the pitline in btb and try to merge that to fastline, just have to locate the point of join very precisely.....BTB created pitline works.
    Funny about that AIW not working on the installer, it's the same file than the packed one..
  6. ebrich


    The pics may give you an idea but its in movement when it happens the most.
    Had a similar problem with a grass texture due to no mipmaps

  7. At least those grandstand flickering lines is an antialias issue.. I have none of that, i use AA level 3... Those roof have mipmaps but i should prolly turn the bias up a bit..
  8. Now i need this issue to be solved even more. I've been speeding up with this trackbuild and forgot to read the original design.. I forgot that the pit entry was just a temporary one.. The real pit entry starts from the last chicane, i just made it... That's another 100m more distance to the pitline.. So if i don't get this fixed, there's gonna be a mess in both ends..