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AI setups?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by gambolmaker, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. gambolmaker



    first off, if my question seems silly, please forgive me. I've only had AC for about two weeks, so I'm rather new.

    I did some google searching on AI setups. I read that to force the AI to use a track specific setup I need to name said setup as ai_default.ini and put it into setups/carname/trackname.

    I wanted to test this, so I made a setup for the MC12 on the nurburgring. Original car on original track, best way to test I figured.
    I made the gears as short as possible, so that I'd see the results immediately. With this setup, I get into 6th gear and top out at 114 kph.
    Started a race against the AI (same car) and they used normal gear lengths... so I guess it didn't work.

    Now I looked into the log file ant it says Looking for ai setups in the place where I put it and then AI SETUP FOUND.
    So I guess I did that right.
    Next line is AI can change final ratio.
    Then it shows me that the AI changed the ratio, aswell as the Wings for each opponent.

    I did some more searching and the cfg/race.ini file has a line that says FIXED_SETUP=0.
    I figured maybe I need to set that to 1, but when I do so and start a race, the ini gets rewritten and its back at 0. I have two race.ini files, one in documents and one in the normal AC folder, but neither one makes a difference.

    Am I missing something? People have said in various places that AI setups work... so what am I doing wrong? I couldn't find an option to disable the fixed setup, not in the AC menus, nor in content manager.
  2. ltcars


    I think they will use a setup but only to a degree to which it makes sense to them. The ai now changes the gear ratios and wing settings by themselves
  3. gambolmaker


    Thanks for the info.
    I wonder how the setup changes are dictated... there must be something within the track files that tells the AI whether it is a low/high downforce track etc... and I wonder if it works with addon tracks aswell?