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Ai settings

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Martin Poláček, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. Hey there
    Would anyone mind sharing their AI difficulty settings? I'm trying my best to like this game, but figuring out AI settings is putting me off constantly. The thing is It looks like every car needs a different AI strenght setting to get a nice race. A couple of months ago I raced the Copa Petrobras de Marcas series and I set the AI to maximum (120%) and I absolutely owned them. Today I tried the SuperV8 (110% AI strenght) and it looked like I had a Citroen 2CV and they had Zonda R's. Then I tried 100% and it looked pretty much the same. Completely ridiculous. If I could have a starting point for some of the cars that would be lovely. I think I'm an average/below average kind of driver so if anyone would like to post their settings please do. Both aggression and strenght if you'd be so kind.
  2. You're right, it must be set by car. I start with 95% of strenght and 30% aggression (more than 35% they might hit your rear bumper). Then you can set higher values of strenght.
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  3. Found out Raceroom has adaptive AI. There's a real danger that I won't ever come back to this game. :D
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