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Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by aadilf1, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hey just recorded a racing line with the Honda Civic by AMGFAN at high speed, after that i played against it with a different car and noticed the Honda going a lot slower speed then the the speed i was driving when i recorded the racing line. Is there a fix?
  2. Iirc different AI cars (if you have more than one), have different 'abilities'

    You need to check they are all set to 1... Iirc the first AI car has skill 1, the next is 0.8 and is much slower!

    I'm not sure how you set that but if you hit CTRL 8 twice, on the 2nd debug screen you can see the "AI performance" value... that should be 1 to have the car going as quick as your saved AI lap.

    There is a console command to change it, "ai performance X" where X is the new performance value you want to use :)

  3. Its set to 1 already yet its still going slow.
  4. Did you run the lap with TC/ABS/etc. on? (F5 toggles them) The AI will never go faster than that allows. It also uses the car's automatic shift settings so if those are wrong it can lose acceleration, or even get locked out of higher gears if it never meets the conditions to upshift.
  5. No i ran it very fast, but i added this:


    and it worked : )
  6. Hmmm, what does the car AI section look like out of interest?