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Ai racing Close = Player's Spin

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Satangoss, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Well, I was hoping the newest update would fix the AI, but I'm very disappointed. They're keep way too aggressive and blind, hitting my car every single corner.

    In addition, there's no way to correct the car after they hit your rear, the player's car instantly spins in a very unnatural way which is very strange because it's a Pmotor game as far as I know and it doesn't happen in any other title that uses this engine, Simbin, ISI, Reiza or etc.

    The only way to have a clean race is to open a +3 seconds gap and do not overlap any backrunner because they'll make you spin too. It's a shame because the simulator had too much potential but it's broken with such AI behavior.
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  2. xnorb

    Premium Member

    R3E's AI simply prepares you for random pub races :D

    I only had a couple of races against the AI so far, but although they are VERY aggressive (like your random pub driver in T1) i was still able to handle them.

    That's the big problem - are you going for the cosy rabbit approach accepting stupid pile-ups behind the player car or do you want them to push hard as they have a race to win?

    Guess that's the reason why there are usually 2 sliders: AI strength and AI aggression :)
  3. I can handle them since I have a good setup and disappear in front of all field. So this is not a fix.
  4. Yes, I have the same issue with AI. I see this same behaviour of AI in GTR2 game on steam. I do not know if the two companies/groups are related or using similar AI code?

    My other frustration with AI is that they are able to brake so much later than humans. This makes is extremely difficult to pass the AI and why you can always see the AI going around your car on the outside very easily when you do make an inside pass at a corner.

    Does anyone know if the AI can be modded like in rF2? rF2 has some threads showing how to change (through editing of files) AI braking efficiency, corner grip, etc.