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AI problem....

Discussion in 'GRID Autosport' started by Philipp Koch, May 25, 2015.

  1. yeah hi i'am just curios but i think the ai is on touring car races extremely op i think there driving much faster laptimes then me and (yeah noob) playing on the easiest ai level... what is wrong with them?

    on other racetypes i easylie destroy the whole ai cars in laptimes and after stadings(time behind me)

    did anyone experienced this problem aswell?

  2. seems very dead in here... :unsure:
  3. Dude, I got this as an alert. What game are you referring to?
  4. St3fan


    I just finished my first hour in this game (first season in Touring cars). Yes AIs are fast and they are brutal on track. However, the point is not to win the race right from the beginning in your first season. You need to try your best, work hard, accumulate exp, and level up. Don't worry about not getting 1st place. Battle with them and enjoy.

    At least that's how I understand the game at the moment.

    BTW make full use of your practice and quali.
  5. Sorry, didn't notice he header above. As Stefan says, the AI is brutal; in line with the Grid format. What's most frustrating is their blind aggressiveness. Be sure to participate in all Racenet Challenges that your garage stock has cars classed for. No need to win this race either, just get gold or even platinum for leveling purposes. I don't play much Grid: Autosport anymore due to not wanting to form bad driving habits (in regard to other sims) and the upshift over-rev was over-frustrating.
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