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AI 'out of sight' fix for v 1.2 here:

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by MS7XWDC, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. by the way: i wanted to be sure i'm not messing up the AI, so the ONLY thing i fixed is the 'out of sight' bug.

    the ONLY way to be sure is to do what I did: a fresh install on STEAM, opened up the new file with the 2010 tool kit and edited it myself, fixing ONLY this bug

    [since CM tuned the AI in patch 1.2]

    all AI mods 'pre-patch' are completely USELESS, since CM changed the AI in patch 1.2
  2. what value did you set the rmcurvaturemodifier to?
    default is 1.6, prepatch optimal was 1.06, now I am pretty sure that 1.006 is optimal post patch.
  3. with this ai mod got the bug that i cannot save.... tried a few times. first after going back to orginal 1.2 ai saving is working again
  4. weedy you need the original flow.bin folder installed to fix autosave so you can use mods again.
  5. I tested it many times. It is 1.127. Any other values original!
  6. zlep i tried your value of 1.127 along with Rowings tracks folder and I am sure the AI got quicker when I pitted. I could be wrong though.

    Rowing, is your new optimal value based on using your old track, ai and database files, along with patch 2? If not I think I will wait until you have updated the folders from patch 2 with your data. If you want me to run some tests then upload the files and I will. Or you may be close to finishing?

    I am currently getting the best of both worlds, patch 1 with only the F1.exe to make sure the AI DNF more and AI pit in the wet. Seems to be working very well, plus I still get your aggressive AI.

  7. As I said: Everything else original.
    Every other change can change the value.
    Problem is, every other change messes up a other part of the game. That's why I gave up to mod the game and leave everything original just with the Out of sight fix.
  8. I have been testing a lot lately and the correct value seems to correlate with any other changes I made.
    I haven't found a satisfying balance so far.
    What I am pretty sure of is the fact, that the track files don't affect the value, the faster trackfiles make it only more visible. With modded trackfiles the value should be the same, as long as everything else is default.
    Things that affect the optimal value and let it vary are changes in the ai folder or database, while I am not quite sure how yet.
  9. To find the perfect value is not so hard. It just needs a lot of testing. But before this, IMO the following steps should be made:

    Step 1: Make AI smarter (more realistic overall, more aggressive, more intelligent, realistic DNF, realistic failures = ai_files and database changes)

    Step 2: Make AI competitive in the race (= track_files)
    (Problem: a too fast AI can struggle in the quali, but this is not such a big problem, because = see Step 5)
    Test under dry, intermediate, wet conditions
    (2. Problem: a too fast AI can struggle under wet conditions AND a too fast AI can be frustrating)

    Step 3: Make AI competitive in the (real) quali without messing up anything
    Test under dry, intermediate, wet conditions

    Step 4: Adjust faked quail times (= virtual performance. should effect nothing else then faked quail)

    Step 5: Fix out of sight (Problem: This step will automatically messing up the qualifying. more or less significant. If we don't find a solution here we have to accept it. For me not such a big problem cause I just use faked times).
  10. problem is:
    Out of sight seems to be affected by virtual performance post patch, didn't notice that pre patch.
    Example: I gave the redbull a little higher virtual performance than the McL. Result: with 1.06, RB out of sight gets about .4 seconds faster, McL doesn't.
    On the other Hand, the McL (for some reason) is faster than the RB when IN sight. So I'm in a dilemma her: Accept that the McLaren are faster in this game or try to make the Mc slower. haven't figured out a way yet to do so ...
    The AI McL already has less engine power (not much) but still is about .1-.2 second faster than the AI RB, with button and hamilton already having less driving skill than vettel.
    I honestly don't know how to make AI smarter, there is a huge number of variables I don't have the time to test their effects.
    Problem with the trackfiles is: You can push them easily beyond their qualifying limit without even noticing in race pace.

    The only easy thing is adjusting the faked quali times, since it has nothing to do with any other value.
  11. I didn't noticed that virtual performance effected the pace in the race, to be honest. e.g. I set Vettel to 0.1 nothing changed - surprisingly also not in the quali??? Is there another value which effects the vp in quali?

    What do you mean with the track_files problem?

    For Step 1: ryder25 worked on something. Don't know what his status is. But for me this is also not so an important step, because if the AI is competitive (done with the track files) they are ok also with the original values.
  12. maybe I was wrong about hte virtual performance.
    Just set them equal, but the RB out of sight is still about .4 soeconds faster than the McL, while the mcl is about .1 second faster in sight.
    I absolutely don't know about hte other cars, cos' with all the traffic and blocking going on in midfield there is just no comparison.
  13. mydriaz


    Nice patch but impossible for me to save after launching a career or GP race :(
    Each time I have to remove and replace GTEHXOSJZ_0 file.
  14. how best to apply: 1.06 or 1.127? which let the AI of the patch 1.1
  15. with patch 1.1 it's 1.06.

    In fact, with patch 1.2 it's 1.06 also. I'm starting to understand, what's causing the irritation.
    It seems, that the .exe has somehow "hardcoded" engine power values for cars out of sight. Funny thing is, they don't match the values in the database, most noticable with the redbull. In sight vettel drives 1:23.7 (with my edited track file), out of sight 1:23.4 (with rmcurvmulti 1.06). If I set the redbull's engine power in the ai_engine_power_per_tier tab of the database file to 765 BHP, Vettel drops in sight to a 1:23,4, but out of sight remains driving the 1:23.4, then it fits.

    Another thing is with the driver's abilities. They affect in AND out of sight speed. To determine what's going on with engine power and stuff, I set driver abilities for all driver's to 1. It SEEMS, all cars (I make them tier one first, so they can drive in front with no traffic) drive the same time when tier 1. Turn in and out abilities of the drivers seem to have quite an effect post patch. Sadly, database allows to set turn in and out performances only per tier, not per team, so that the right "hacking order" would have to be realized via the driver's abilities, but I think it's possible.

    I'll keep testing. And it is to a small extend amusing, what shortcuts and fake-approaches codies take to fix things, instead of getting it right once ...
  16. With Patch 2 it's definitely not 1.06. I had a clean install, all files untouched, just this value changing. I tested it thousand times. It is 1.127 or something very close to this value. With 1.06 they are 2 seconds to slow out of sight. Maybe just for me, I don't know.
  17. Rowing - great work. It's great to hear your still working so hard on the mod. It sounds like you are very close to cracking it.

    So if you were to set all the cars engine powers accordingly to make their in and out of sight times match up whilst using 1.06 and your previous track files then the out of sight would be solved?

    I have recently used 1.06 and it seems to be fine for me, but I will be testing 1.127 soon also. But I use your track, ai and database files which clearly have not been updated by codemasters patch 2. So 1.06 would be best i'd imagine.

    My game at the minute is a mixture of patch 1 and 2 files, mainly for AI wet weather changes and DNF's. I thoroughly look forward to you finishing the files so I can enjoy patch 2 benefits but with balanced and aggressive AI.

    Please keep it up Rowing and you Zlep, your hard work transformed the game pre patch 2.