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AI opponents skill level

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Tony Hill, May 9, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    What opponents strength should I set Race 07 at so I can get ready for driving in the online competitions on this site?

    Don't want to turn up and get blown away to much :)

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  2. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    To be honest, racing the AI is no good as preparation for online racing. Racing humans is a whole different ball game and the best way to learn is to just jump in and do it. Our Clubs provide a casual racing environment for everyone regardless of experience, and are a great place to learn race-craft. Your pace does not matter as there will always be people of similar ability to battle with, and your own ability will increase in leaps and bounds simply by being around other drivers.

    So, check out the Racing Club, pick an event, and sign up! :thumbsup:
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  3. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    The AI are OK to practice against but at the end of the day ,, just sign up for an event and come and try it a totally different experience.. ( i can beat them at 105 % and they can beat me on 80% different track and car, and with a modded track and poor AIW it all changes)
    whats important is the you enjoy yourself, the position you finish is not important... ( but it is nice to be at the front)
    Some of the best races Ive had were at the back of the pack with fellow races all giving it there all..
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  4. Mark Gormley

    Mark Gormley
    #14 | The Silent Killer

    I thought I had plenty of practice racing the AI at around 97% when I started racing here. But within the first week I was involved in 3 accidents (lucky I'm still here now I think about it) just from poor race-craft. The AI doesn't react like a human driver does and won't attack and defend in the same way, and with the AI you tend to be less cautious. The big thing which caught me out though was latency. I bumped into the back of a driver from New Zealand (I'm in the UK) twice in the same event as I wasn't used to that tenth of a second.
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  5. Thanks for the help.
    I understand that AI is diff to the human driver but I want to get used to driving in a crowd at what would be a human race pace without hitting anything. When I drive against AI I treat them as humans and don't crash into them.
    I will knock them up to 110 and see how I get on.
  6. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Well, the thing about the AI is that they don't act like humans. Unless they are attempting to overtake they tend to drive a specific line at all times, braking at exactly the same places on each lap. That makes driving with them very easy because they are entirely predictable.

    Humans are the exact opposite of predictable, randomly changing their lines and brake points and making mistakes. The skills needed to drive closely with them are therefore completely different. That's the first thing I learnt when I first started racing online. Years of racing AI had not prepared me for it. :)
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  7. Using AI levels above 105% may cause it to become too aggressive and unpredictable. They are basically trying to drive too fast for their "skills".. Also some track use "cheat" grip, AI has different griplevels that human drivers.. Mostly it's just a percent or two but this game is accurate enough for even fractions of percent to be noticed... So if the AI drivers are braking 30m later, they most likely have more grip. Also AI is not good at corner exits so you can easily pass the m on straights. With humans, that is most likely the opposite: brake sooner and take much better exit speed (just like we should, it's the fastest way to drive).

    In essence, you can do some practice with AI on certain tracks but the main racecraft is found only online. AI lacks the finess of human drivers, it doesn't have feelings and reacts always in the same manner. You lose all the psychological part of the game, that is a major skill to learn... You can drive a human off the track without ever touching him or doing anything illegal or evil.. Just push him out of his limits by sticking to his rear, challenging from every mistake, brake always later and he drives wide in the Parabolica. within two laps... ;)

    Human drivers also WON'T slow down if you cross their drivepath just in front of them going the same speed.. With AI, after you pass, chance lanes in front of him at the next corner exit and he slows down. No touching, just make sure your rear bumber is close enough to his front one when accelerating and they brake everytime.. Once you learn that trick, AI is no use for you anymore.. For just laptimes comparison, 105% is usually enough. Varies per track. like said in the posts above.

    Time attack on the other hand is useful tool.. Fast way to learn a new track and to do qualify kamikaze lap recon. Not good for setting up the car, only for initial setup. It's "alone" mode, there's just you on track which can be boring sometimes..
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  8. Just sign up for a club race that looks appealing, say hello to the guys there and use the practice session to get a feel for things.

    I suppose you could also ask some of the guys present if they would not mind doing a couple laps boxing you in, but that depends on the crowd and practice time limit and whatnot.
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  9. Totally agree - forget the AI - even if you practiced for weeks and weeks and could beat AI @ 110%, you'd still have problems with real people, not because of the speed - that's just one aspect. Get in some club events, join teamspeak - even if your not talkative and just want to hang out and listen. Many will try to guide you away from publics - most of my racing is done on publics - you just have to accept that sometimes you'll have great racing against great, fair opponents and sometimes youll have shocking races against skillless [REMOVED] who wreck, push you off, drive the wrong way, cut, etc,etc (its frustration because they can't drive that causes this I believe). Anyway wherever it is racing against humans is the way to go, too much AI and you'll develop (bad) habbits that will lead to contact at best and carnage at worst, when faced with real humans. . Don't be put off by all the rules of club racing, there there to be used against idiots and wrongdoers, if you try your best to be courteous and respectful of others roadspace and try to be clean, you'll find its repaid by others and then some besides.
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  10. Oops - looks like Michael Schumacher has been practicing against AI, rather than real humans..... (Spanish GP incident with Bruno Senna today!)
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  11. Yep, that looked pretty much like incidents with a driver who has great speed against AI but poor racecraft among humans.. AI never does half a block, it either moves one car width to one side once your beside him or goes like a train straight forward. Humans on the other hand do those tiny moves all the time.
  12. interesting thread, I've recently purchased race on + gtr evo, and d/l'd the formula raceroom cars...I've been having a lot of fun with this game but the AI are killing me,

    Just tried to do a race at imola and wrecked within the first 5 laps every time I tried (restarts)

    I noticed that they always take the same line and started trying to capitalize on that, however they drive so completely different than I do it's sorta hard to get around them.

    For instance my breaking goes from heavy to light, but their breaking is opposite, light to heavy. This usually ends up with me rear ending the AI exactly like shumi did to senna. Also they tend to crawl on the apex of the turns, so if you manage to carry more speed than them into a corner with out breaking your nose off, there's no way around them because they're parked where you need to be.

    Especially frustrating at the tosa hairpin. I'm way quicker through that but I am forced to go outside to pass, which lets them get on the gas a little earlier and block me out. plus my rear end gets light there so accelerating out of that corner requires a lift. Also noticed I'm way faster than them breaking into 12 but that again is another hard place to make a pass work.
  13. The AI in Race 07 are pretty good on some tracks. A lot of it depends on how the modder made the AI. The real problems with AI is that they have a LOT of cornering grip so if you try to do a touring car pass (a nudge mid-corner) you will end up spinning. The other problem is that the AI all race the same. So you can take every AI the same way at the same corner every time. Also, at the start you can take a lot of places before T1. And the AI will practice and quali great but their race pace will be 2-3 seconds slower on an average 2 mile or so track. So if you quali 1 sec off the leader's pace you will start dead last but you will have great race pace. If you quali near the front then you will blow away the field.

    The advantages to AI:
    -AI start AND finish every race
    -When you get punted at T1, you can restart
    -SKIDROW won't show up to an offline race
    -AI races on your schedule with your mods
  14. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Not so. I've seen AI cars crash out on many occasions with no influence from the player. :) That includes default tracks too.