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AI not blocking?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by snthennumbers, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Is it just me? Or does the AI not block anymore? I come up behind them on straights (with or without DRS) and they just hold their line. This is fine if I get a good run on them coming out of a turn (in real life they'd make me go on the dirty line to pass), but when we're closer to the corner I'd expect them to move over to take a defensive line making it harder for me to overtake. But they don't...they just hold the racing line.

    Anyone else with me on this?
  2. I don't know. "Racing line" is the wrost idea ever for a F1 game: good for qualifying lap but awful in offline races.
  3. for me ai is very unfair they are blocking most time in qualification and training :D
  4. I mean during the race. During quali and practice they're not actually blocking but are trying to get out of the way. Similar to blue flag behavior.

    @Giovaneveterano ...that's not a very helpful reply lol
  5. @snthennumbers just wondering what are you doing on F1 2013 forum :o
    tough you were gonna skip F1 2013 and isn't this the wrong subforum to post question ?
  6. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff


    Come on man ..... you been here long time, this is the incorrect forum for this, you've made a mod before. :D

    Mod forum is for mods only

    Moving to correct forum ........
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  7. Yep...realized that right after I posted. Thanks for the cleanup.

    @Derpish I changed my mind...graphics were too good and the Ferrari looks too sexy to pass up. Plus the AI is much more aggressive in this game which is nice....just gotta figure out why they're not blocking anymore.

    If CM did a knee-jerk reaction and made the AI actually overtake, but consequently made them not be able to block I'm gonna be a little mad

    But anyway....anyone else having this issue where the AI doesn't really move to take a defensive line?
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  8. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam


    They do well on braking if they are in an over take position.The only few drivers that i have battled with that has been very defensive with brake zones was Kimi and Webber.

    Good to see you in 2013 ;)
    AI mods in the works? :)
  9. well yeah in races they are only on driving line :)
  10. So far I haven't been able to get anyone to pull over and block when I'm coming up behind them. Though, I do see the AI car ahead move over to block when defending against another AI car which is odd.,,

    I'm trying to work on the AI but the possibilities seem to be more limited this year than last year. I'm playing with the blocking parameters to see if I can get the AI to respond, but it seems (so far at least) that CM did a knee-jerk reaction and coded the AI in the exe again. So they vastly improved the overtaking issue, but seem to have broken blocking in the process :\
  11. Do you really think they improved overtaking behaviour of ai? In my opinion this is really bad. OK, I can't deny that ai is quite competitive when they are on racing line. There, they even don't give up in corners when I try to overtake. But when they are beside racing line, the braking points of ai for the next corner is extremely early. Such early, that they nearly crash with the ai cars behind. that they do not block for defending their position is another point, but I think that's not so bad, because racing speed of ai on racing line is much better and competitive than beside it.
  12. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    The AI file is called choreographer for a reason :) Its all theater elsewhere but when close to the player they have to act like they are driving properly because they are on invisible rails for most of it and their behavior will look false if they try to be real races in front of the player.I believe that if they did try to do what we see in the distance they would crash into the player.
    This is probably why you see the AI drive at impossible angles on some corners like the last on China. You can also see them misbehave when you look in the rear view. You can often catch a car that isn't even driving at the correct angle and see that it is being pulled around the track,only to suddenly correct itself (sometimes so badly it spins) once the player is looking at the drone car.
    There are also certain zones that the AI by default go faster. Almost like a speed boost.
    You can put it down to the AI using kers,but the speed boost is too fast. The obvious places are(China) the long right hander leading into the long backstretch. As the AI enter the straight their top speed is so fast that its like they have DRS open and KERS activated many meters before the DRS zone. Another is Eu Rogue in Spa.If you have a Redbull up yer behind on that corner they absolutely zip past like they have DRS and Kers ON/activated.Eur rogue is a steep climb yet the speed difference to the player is insane. I assume that certain areas have small programmed advantages built in in order for the drone to achieve the lap times of its real life counter part because if you want to see what the AI drive like watch the benchmark in the graphics settings.You can see from that they would never achieve real life lap times driving so erratically.

    Anyways im rambling on. This Isn't fact, this is my observations playing the F1 series
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  13. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Yes, I have experienced that Eau Rouge overtaking ability, when Alonso took on 3 cars, I was the front car, and he sailed by all 3 of us.

    I had to look down and check that I was in top gear, he went by so fast :)

    I had used all my KERS at the top of Eau Rouge to prevent being DRS'd by the one of the two cars behind ..... I didn't expect the attack to come from the 3rd car back
  14. I think the lack of blocking was CM's knee jerk reaction to the lack of overtaking and aggression we saw in 2012. Basically (it seems), CM said "Well, if we just keep them on the racing line the whole time, it'll be harder to pass them."
    What's odd though is that I have seen the AI pull over to defend when fighting with another AI car...so they do block, just seems not for the Player coming up behind them.

    You'll notice if the AI is even 1 inch in front of your front wing, they'll hold their line and battle with you. However (it used to be) if they were just 1 inch behind your front wing, they'd drop back and concede the position in accordance to F1 rules which basically say you have to concede the position to the car in front if they have the racing line (and for self preservation too, the AI doesn't want to crash lol). That has been improved now, they will actually stay with you if they're close yet still technically behind...so that's good at least.

    Just need to tinker with the AI files to see if I can get some life out of them, or if blocking was moved into the exe like overtaking was in 2012
  15. Don't tinker with what Grosjean did here to me to attempt a pass (going off track). It just seemed so......real :D

  16. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Did you know that you can press F6 (or is it F5) to remove the replay controls from your screen Bill? :)

    It's the far right one shown on your screen, I just can't read it, because I am using a small tablet screen at the moment.
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  17. Yeah, one of the 'F' buttons but it's bugged ! Hope they fix it with a Patch.
    Here I am with my Wife trying to do it...

  18. actually in every difficulty they block,
    in easy they block but they goes very wide to cornering in legend they break early and blocks that says all