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AI mods - Which is better?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Kyle Dunning, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Only recently got F1 2010 for the PC, and i been modding it to be like 2011 with new cars, pirelli tyres etc. I have downloaded one AI mod, which is better then the original, but i was wondering about other AI mods too, and just how each one affects it, and which ones will work with other AI mods, or simply overwrite them.

    Im writing this because i want to find the best AI mod which is the most fun but challenging at the same time, and makes it more realistic, the AI mod i downloaded is alright but it still seems that Fuel simulation is not really affecting the AI although there is supposed to be a fix for it, my last race i was falling backwards through the field til the halfway stage, where i would then start gaining back on the leader at that time.

    I did manage to pass Hamilton for first place a few laps before the end (100% race distance) and although the race was fun it was so unrealistic.

    AI Mods

    AI Slow corner Fix v1
    TrueAI Mod 1.4
    Team AI F1 2010 Tool Kit (Mod im currently using)
    SuperAI Racing mod
    RealAI mod
    Tweaked AI v1 mod
    Extreme AI v4 non demolition derby
    Aggressive AI
    AI perfect corner mod

    There are a few more out there, but what im really looking for is AI that are as realistic as possible, ill be able to drive against them and keep up with high fuel load, and the only way through the race ill be able to catch up is to drive well, and by the end of the race im not catching the front runners by seconds every lap.

    Also the AI will want to pass me if i make a mistake, instead of just... getting behind me attempting to slipstream, when they dont seem to pick up any kind of slipstream anyways, and end up slowing down behind me instead of just keeping to the racing line and going past.

    Give me some feedback on these mods, and please let me know which one you believe is the best AI mod out there.

    I do greatly appreciate all the mods made here, and any help on this would be great, as i dont really feel like spending hours on every single mod testing them all out, peace :)
  2. This is the BIG flaw in the game IMO (fuel sim and AI)
    No AI mod is perfect, but I'm using TrueAI Mod 1.4 and I have the most fun with it.
  3. In my experience I found that the AI toolkit gave me the best racing experience after configuring it. All the other mods seem to still have those slow corners so I end up stomping them on a lot of tracks.
  4. I use the RDDev TrueAI 1.4 and my only issue with it is that I have to keep changing the difficulty settings since this mod makes all AI harder but doesn't affect quali times. I have to quali on legend and then turn down to pro or intermediate AI for the race since they are way too fast on legend.

    Slow corners fix and perfect corner mod help quite a bit for those tracks that the AI has some weird lines and weird speeds through corners (China, Spain I'm looking at you). I don't know which I like better since I only started using them at the start of season 2 and I am at Istanbul now.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, i noticed the RDdev been downloaded a lot, of course i dont expect any AI mod to be perfect, just looking for the one which is going to be closest to realism.

    How do you qualify on legend then change the difficulty??? Unless the mod lets you change it whenever???

    A combination of the True AI 1.4 and slow corner fix is good? :)
  6. That's what I use, TrueAI & Slow corner fix. They seem to be quite competitive at professional level. Although I did spa yesterday and found that for some reason the AI was painfully slow, as in 30s a lap slower.
  7. I'm not a great driver and don't use fuel or tyre sims. Using the 100% corner speed with AI Toolkit and some mixed bag of AI files with reduced grip at 90% works for me.

    I had to go back to in game 'professional' setting to be competitive.

    I've posted it all in a mod form in the download section if anyone is interested:)
  8. When you have finished quali there is an option to return to paddock. This saves and then you can change the difficulty when you select race again from the menu. Yes this adds 2 extra loading screens but I am playing on PC loading from an SSD so it is not much of a wait.

    Yes a combo of TrueAI and either slow corner fix or perfect corner mod works well.
  9. If I play without tyre sim, it feels like an arcade game to me - there's an insane amount of grip and no challenge at all. Then if you turn tyre sim on, it's hard to live with the AI, who have tyre sim off. Codies, this needs to be sorted for F1 2011 - OR DON'T BLOODY WELL INCLUDE THE DAMN FEATURE AT ALL! Such a great game, such potential, but the inability to strike a good balance between fuel sim/tyre sim on and off is hurting it really badly. It could/should've been so much better; if this was meant to be a sort of 'test bed' with F1 2011 really moving the series on then we await September with interest, Codies.

    Remember, get the damn basics right and then improve 'live the life'. If a driver was crashed into from behind as much as I have been - in real life - he would be picking fights with everyone in the pitlane. Of course, if you do that: PENALTY! :mad:
  10. Lol F1 2010 rocks i dont mean to sound like a **** here, but codemasters will never read these forums, they dont even read there own :)

    Codemasters have already stated there will be no more patch, there is no point in anyone complaining over the many game breaking bugs in this game, because they will never sort them out, they pretty much stated that on their forum after a lot of harassment from players.

    They could not be bothered to test the game properly themselves, clearly they had a deadline and could not iron out the bugs in time, they fixed some things with the patch, and left the more complicated ones to us, to just let us deal with it or make our own mods to work round it.

    How the game got a BAFTA i do not know, clearly the ones handing out the awards only looked at how pretty and real the tracks are, and did not even bother to try the gameplay, but i already made a post about that in the codemasters forum, basically telling codemasters they don't deserve any kind of award for this half-game.

    Anyways this is not a thread about the bugs, i made many posts about so many different bugs many months ago, im glad to hear that some players suggested a good combination of mods i could use, hopefully ill get a lot of fun out of it.

    Peace :D
  11. Kyle, while I agree with most of your post I must argue a bit. This game came along when nobody had made a decent F1 game in years and it blew us all away with the visuals. That's the reason that most of us picked this up, it looks awesome. Review were good and heck, it was about damn time someone made a F1 game worth playing.

    And thats what this game is, worth playing. There was a career mode where you were challenged to start from the back of the grid and work your way up. The driving was surprisingly realistic for a game that seemed to focus so much on looks. At the end of the day it was more sim-like than a true simulator but that was good enough for me.

    Even in its unmodded post-patch state this game is very very good. Yes it would have been nice for cm to have gotten the ai right, but lets be honest ai is not an easy thing to code. It took the very talented guys here months to put together the fantastic true ai mod.

    Fact is we all played this game a lot. Some of us fell in love with it and were compelled to make things better. And many of us are eagerly awaiting F1 2011 with high hope that cm will do a better job this time. There are very few game breaking bugs (force india pit lane and disappearing puddles) which means the guys here that were modding were working on making the game better, not fixing the game so that we could play it.

    At least we did get a patch out of cm, that is more than some developers. I am not defending them, but I do think they deserve recognition for the game they made. At the same time it would be nice if they would give recognition back to the community for giving them that support.
  12. Yeah, I know - just ranting a bit because the game has such huge potential. :) All I need to know is this: if I use True AI v4 and one of the corner fixes (both as good as each other?) will it stop the AI brake testing me all the time?
  13. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    True AI is being used by some with the slow corner fix and they say they like it. One mod edits the ai folder while the other one edits the track folder. Basically TrueAI changes behavioral things and the sims to make the drivers race realistically while the corner fixes change the speed and how much the AI brake at each corner. So yes AI will not brake as much with a corner fix.