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AI Mods Installed

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by TR6speed, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. I ran my first season and ran away from everyone at each race. Had installed a few of the earlier AI mods, but it did not make a difference. I found that I need to set the AI to Legend in the career.
    I decided to start with a clean install. This is what I currently have installed;
    1. Installed original game
    2. Installed Patch v1.013. Installed Patch RDDevSaveFix (made backup copy of system file in game). This changes the flow.Bin file.
    4. Installed Mod RDDev True AI 1.4 (made backup of ai File).
    5. Installed Mod AI Perfect Corner Mod (made backup of database, tracks already backed up)
    6. Installed Mod RDDev Season 2010 Redux No backups needed, replaces database already backed up)

    What I have found, is that with this mods and running the AI in Legend or Professional, they blow by me in every corner if they are within a few car lengths and if not they gain so much ground they will pass in the nex few corners. I have tried braking even later, but than I over shoot the apex. In I drop the AI down below Professional, then I am back to running away from everyone.
    I am driving the Toro Rosso so I realize that the top teams will be faster, but I have the Lotus blow by me.
    I realize that this game takes practice, but if I run the Time Trials or the standard Gran Prix they are not the same as the career mode. Also I find that my car handles fine in practice and also in the qualifying sessions, but like garbage in the race. I have the Tyre Sim on and the Option tyres are over heating within a few laps and I don't think I am driving it any different than in the practice or qualifying.
    Any ideas, or are there other AI mods that work better?
  2. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Try removing the Perfect Corner mod and see if everything is more balanced out with just the True AI mod.
  3. I have similar experiences. Maybe the "Perfect Corner" mod is too perfect (I am still using the "Slow Corner Fix" mod). Using True AI 1.4 on "Pro" mode I can usually keep them from passing me as long as I don't make a mistake. But they are definitely more savvy in "Legends" mode with 1.4. However one of my biggest problems is if they do pass me, they are gone. I can not catch up to them. Now I am in the HRT, so most cars should naturally pull away. But I should be able to keep up to the other lower tiered teams and I should be competitive with mid tier teams. Of course this all depends on the track. Some tracks I can keep up to the AI, but most I can't once they pass me.

    I think the solution (if there is a solution) is to use the AI Toolkit to tweak each individual corner for each track. But that is easier said than done as one corner tweak for one user may not work for another user and I would imagine tweaking every corner on every track is a heck of a lot of work. I don't even know if race lengths matter in how the AI drive, but add than into the mix as well (a 20% race is a heck of a lot different than a 100% length race).

    I am hoping things will be a bit better in F1 2011, but time will tell. It could very well be exactly the same with nothing more than new eye candy features instead of fixing the ever so flawed AI in the career races.
  4. BTW ... what is the common concensus for using the catchup.xml feature turned on, turned off, or deleted? I wasn't thrilled with this rubber banding feature when I first heard of it (so lately the file has been deleted), but I am wondering if it should be used since it was included with the True AI 1.4 mod files.
  5. Thanks for the help, I removed the AI Perfect Corner Mod and the RDDev Season 2010 Redux. I tried it like that on both the Professional and legend setting and found that I was back to being tone of if not the fastest car on the track. I then installed the Slow Corner Fix and went back and tried it under the Legend setting. Much better. I only ran a few laps, but I started in 6th place dropped to 8th by the 2nd lap, but regained 3 places in the next few laps.

    By the way, is that your Porsche????
  6. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    My993C2 or anyone else, can you test these files:


    I was messing with the catchup and things like that from the True AI files. Can you guys tell me if you notice any differences or bad/good things?
  7. Yes ... it is a 1997 Porsche 911 993 Carrera 2 (last of the air cooled engines).

    I pine for a GT3RS, but the 993 has been a fantastic car to learn on. It's still plenty fast, but not too over steer tail happy. Put an experienced driver behind the wheel of a GT3 and I don't have a hope in hell in keeping up to them in my 993. But I did pass a number of GT3s and Turbos on my local track last summer because I was able to drive close to the car's limit while the other drivers still had tons more to learn about their GT3s and Turbos. But I still pine for the performance of a GT3RS.
  8. I will give them a try with my next race in a day or two (I will use them in practice/qualifying but I assume they will have most of the effect in a race). I assume they are tweaked from True AI 1.4?
  9. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Yes, based on the latest (1.4) True AI files.
  10. You may be on to something here Ryder. I just came out of by far my best race in F1 2010.

    - Location: Spa
    - Length: 100%
    - My Car: HRT
    - My View: Default Cockpit
    - My Controller: Logitech G25
    - Started: 10th
    - Finished: 8th
    - AI Level: Professional
    - AI Mods: True AI 1.4 + Slow Corner Fix + Ryder's catchup experimental files
    - Aids: All turned off, except (hangs head in shame) TC was on and fuel sim was off.

    Anyway I qualify using "Legends" AI level with fuel and tire sims turned on. Getting out of Q1 was easy. Q2 started dry (so my best time was on a dry track) but it started raining in the middle of Q2 so the early session times dictated who made it to Q3 (I made it to Q3). But the race forecast was calling for 30% light rain and I took a gamble (and lost) assuming the rain would be at the end of the race. So I took it easy in Q3 using prime tires hoping to run as long as I could in the race without stopping before the rain came.

    The race started dry and I am the only one near the front on prime tires. The start of the race was intense, you can not make mistakes otherwise the AI will pounce on you. But one thing really cool about this race was I drove the first 18 laps clean, drove them hard and managed to keep the cars in front of me in sight. I really had to watch the entry into Spa's Rivage corner as the AI was all over me and I even surrendered a position or two early in the race at this corner to the aggressive AI. But I was faster than the AI at Eau Rouge and the entry into the Les Combes turns. So all is fair in love and war. I think I was in 9th place when I pitted on lap 18 due to the deteriorating wet track and I came out of the pits in 18th place. But after 2 laps other cars either stopped or got caught on a wet track with no traction so I was back in 10th place. The next 10 laps were in wet conditions and I was able to pass about 1 car every 2-3 laps at the exit of Eau Rouge on this wet track. But the AI was still tough everywhere else. So there I was, the rain has stopped, track is drying and I am running in 4th place when the leaders all stopped and I lead the race for one lap. But I too stopped the next lap, put primes back on and came out in 7th place with Massa on my rear end. The little Brazilian definitely wanted by me. I managed to hold him off for about 5 laps, but then the bugger took me at Rivage and proceeded to run away from me. But he is in a Ferrari and I am in a HRT. He is supposed to be faster than me. Anyway the last 15 laps De La Rosa also wanted by me, but his car is not as good as the Ferrari and held him off to take the hardest 8th place finish I might ever fight for.

    But the cool thing in all of this is, while there was 3-4 cars behind me the last 15 laps of the race within striking distance should I make a big mistake (which I didn't make), it wasn't a train. So I would like to try this combination of AI mods on more tracks. My Spa race was simply an outstanding race with the combination of AI mods that I used.
  11. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    I'm glad you had a great race! :D

    I just hope that this wasn't by chance and that it was a difference in the files. That's the bad thing in testing is that things aren't always consistent. I'm trying out some further changes and if I am pretty happy with them I'll put them up for more testing by you guys.
  12. Hard to say. The AI are definitely a lot more savvy in True AI 1.4 as I pretty much ran the same race with True AI 1.3 and aborted the race with only a few laps remaining as there I was in the lead hardly driving hard. But with True AI 1.4 + your catchup changes, I had to drive hard and had to drive clean. It's easy to make a mistake not carrying enough speed out of the corner and then have the AI run away on you. Then you think the AI is faulty when in reality it was your slower exit speed that is at fault.

    The most encouraging thing for me in this race was:

    1) I was able to keep the cars in front of me in sight (historically they run away).
    2) There was no huge train of cars behind me.
    3) There was a gap between the AI cars, so I did not come out of the pits in last place.

    But how much of this is Slow Corner Mod for Spa, how much is it with the AI files Ryder and David modified and how much is just the CM AI engine? This I do know, being faster at the exit of Eau Rouge and the entrance to Les Combes saved my bacon because I was losing time to the AI in the entrance to Rivage and I was also taking the entrance into the chicane near the start finish line conservatively since I almost buggered up my race there when the track was wet. Hmmm ... I guess I could try to use the AI toolkit to balance out Eau Rouge, Les Combes and Rivage. LOL

    Looking forward to running these mods again on some more tracks. Next up Monza. If the game has an ounce of accuracy I should not be one of the front runners in the HRT. But the McLaren and Ferrari cars should shine.
  13. BTW ... if there are any ambitious AI Toolkit users out there, my observations for Spa is that the AI needs to greatly improve taking "Eau Rouge" but also need to be slowed down entering "Rivage". The rest of the Spa track appear to be well balanced between human and AI capabilities. If you really want to speed the AI up, they do take the last chicane close to the start/finish line slower than humans appear to approach the chicane (or is that just the concertina effect) ... I was not fast enough to pass them (not counting the early laps), but they take it slow enough for human racers to regain lost ground lost elsewhere on the track.
  14. Seeing My993C2 has tried you file out and seems to think it is working, will you be putting it up on this site for download?
  15. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    It will probably be up with more updates as True AI 1.5 in the future. For now, here's another set of the same files changed up so more. This time I really went for removing restrictions on how far apart the AI drivers can be. See if these files are better than the previous or not.