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AI manners

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Bill Devery, May 17, 2014.

  1. Congrats Reiza on producing a tremendous value for money product.

    Has anyone figured out a way to make the AI behave more 'human' when it comes to blue flags? I play mostly looong races with multiple pit stops and without fail there are cars that get lapped etc however the 'to be lapped' cars do not move over and actually make it very difficult for the leaders to pass (AI and human). It can badly effect a race. With previous versions I reduced engine power on the slower cars which improved blue flag passing however these files are now hidden (can't change car reliability as we'll anymore :(). The 'courtesy' option in the talent files does next to nothing.

    Has anyone got a workaround for this, any help is appreciated as this is proving to be a massive downer for me.

  2. Bill, I have managed to alter the power of each car using an upgrade file.
    using V12 cars as an example, copy the upgrade file that is already in the main vehicle folder, and put a copy in each team folder, giving each one a unique name.

    EDIT: Sorry, made a mistake, you need to create an upgrade.ini file as there isn't one in the V12 folder:

    So for example, let's say you create a Ferrari folder with Alesi.veh & Berger.veh in there. Make an upgrade.ini file using notepad and call it Ferrari_upgrades.ini

    Then In the two Ferrari veh files, make sure to change the upgrades name to Ferrari_upgrades.ini.

    In the Ferrari_upgrades.ini put the following::


    UpgradeType="Engine Power Changes"
    UpgradeLevel="Engine Power Change"
    Description="Engine Power Changes"

    I believe default is 1.00, so this will slow the Ferrari's general power down.

    using this method, it is simple to add an upgrade to each car (or even each individual car if you want), and vary the power range right through the grid.
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  3. Wow, thanks Keith. Can't wait to give this a crack!
    Any luck with reliability? (please say yes please say yes)
  4. Another bad manner of the AI seems to be, that they sometimes lean on you in corners. Especially when the front of your car is next to the rear of an AI car, they sometimes seem not to "see" you and just drive their ideal line. This results in massive pushing, until the AI car passes you and snaps right in front of you, if someone can understand this :roflmao:

    But all in all the AI is great fun to drive and I really like that they don't run you over when breaking a little earlier like in GTR2!
  5. eMILLInator, I have found the best cure for their ignorant behaviour in turns is to lower the aggression, I mean way down to 10. I know many people do not like it that low, but honestly, if you can get everything else set up right (talent files, power difference, braking distances and track grip), I find it takes away the ramming and ignoring behaviour of the AI and makes the AI behaviour extremely good.
    Anyway, just give it a try, drop the aggression to 5 or even zero just as a test, see if it helps :)
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  6. Bill - No problem, it really does work, though it is important to have a set of talent files as well to really make the gaps.

    YES it should be possible to do reliability using the same upgrade method above :)
    So you could add another section :

    UpgradeType="Engine ID Changes"
    UpgradeLevel="Engine ID Change"
    Description="Engine ID Changes"

    Then copy the original engine.ini file, rename it to Ferrari_Engine.ini, and change the reliability settings in the file.
    Repeat this until you have made a set of engine files.

    (BTW I may be wrong but I think the engine files need to be in the main vehicles physics folder with gears, susp etc rather than in the team folders)
  7. Have you guys not watched real races? If a driver sticks his front wheels alongside the rear wheels of another car in a corner, most of the time the leading car will take his racing line. And he is entitled to - it's his corner - its up to you to back off.
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  8. The only vehicle 'upgrades' folders are in the Reiza, Stockv8 and Classic folders. No such folder in the V12's unfortunately....unless i'm missing something in your earlier post Keith?
  9. No it's my mistake, I must have made it myself from one of the others. I have edited my first post above to correct it.

    Just make one in notepad, call it (example) Ferrari_upgrades.ini (make sure it has the ini suffix)

    and put the following in the file:


    UpgradeType="Power Adjustment"
    UpgradeLevel="Power Change"
    Description="Engine Power Changes"

    If it doesn't work PM me and I'll help :)
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  10. Keith, thanks for the info. I tried low aggression levels and as you say, it cures the ramming but its also kind of lame :D Did some F3 races at 100 % aggression and lowered my own aggression and was a lot of fun. Alternating all these files seems like a lot of work, so I will stick with it for the moment, but thanks for the kind infos!

    David, yes I watch real races and you are right to the point, that I can't divebomb other cars. But if I get besides another car way before entering a corner, he cant just slam the door, especially in open wheel cars. Especially in the first laps there can be piles of cars entering a corner and then they have to deal with another rather than slam into them. But you are right, if you get into a better position before entering the corner, it gets better :thumbsup:
  11. Oh man, i am so confused as to what to put where and with what text. I'll come back with fresh eyes tonight and start again :O_o:
    My own fault, i need more sleep:D
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  12. Melv


    @Keith Windsor - Thanks a ton. Fantastic advise. Ive been looking for something like this for a F1 2014 mod converted from rF1 to GSC. I wanted to make the mercs crazy powerful and your solution is perfect.

    On a related topic you also mentioned talent files. Somehow I cant get this to work. The results are still too random (caterham too high up in qual). I have edited the files and made sure the driver names in veh and rcd files match.

    Also in the config, I tried editing the path to the talent files to the exact folder where I created the new talent files. But it still doesnt seem to work. Under talents I created a folder F1 2014 and put all my talent files here and the reiza config points to this folder.

    Any help you can provide would be much appreciated :)
  13. It can be really frustrating, the same thing happened to me, I was convinced there were no mistakes but I kept getting a backmarker up at the top of the sessions. In the end I found a space in front of the driver name in the veh file. There has to be an error somewhere.

    First thing to know - if a talent file is missing, that driver will be at the top of the leaderboard or close to the top, so it seems the default settings are high.

    So if a Caterham is near the top, then that driver's talent file is either missing or not being properly recognised for some reason.

    Double check the spelling, and also check for unwanted spaces before and after the name - that includes the rcd filename, also the name on the first line in the rcd itself, and the name that appears in the veh file.
    So fo rexample
    rcd file should be KamuiKobayashi.RCD (no spaces)
    top line of rcd should be Kamui Kobayashi (with a space between names)
    Veh file should be: Driver="Kamui Kobayashi" (with a space between names)

    Do the same for Marcus Ericsson, it's easy to have too many c's or s's in Ericsson.

    Another method - pick a driver whose talent file is working properly and make a copy. So for example, if Max Chilton is running where you expect, then copy his rcd, change the name, (remember to change the name inside the file as well). This should then drop the driver down to the same level as Chilton. If it doesn't the fault is likely to be in the veh file.
  14. Finally got the engine power to work for me. It took me awhile to realize i had to take out the 2 backslashes at the start of the "upgrade" line in the .veh files shown below :redface::whistling:
    Once you delete those pesky backslashes it all works perfectly !
    Thanks again Keith, your wisdom and desire to share it is very much appreciated :)

    Now to fine tune the talent files and work on the reliability files and make these fantastic V12's break down a bit...
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  15. Ok, so my V12's (love that sound) are running really well now with my changes to engine power and reliability (4-10 cars break down now, 16 at a race at Adelaide the other day)! however the one thing missing is the randomness of number of pitstops (1,2 or 3 stops). In the 2012 version you could make the fuel tank bigger or smaller so as they would go longer or shorter stints. When they had smaller tanks and therefore less fuel they were faster than others and would pull out a lead etc to help compensate for the extra stop. Same for the heavier cars, they were slower but stopping less...It was fantastic to see it all come together in the last half of the race! Well, the fuel tank option has disappeared from the engine file. I'm not smart/techy enough to know if this can be rectified in some way, maybe add it back in. Does anybody know of a fix?
    I know i could change some cars to burn through their fuel more quickly but it won't have the same "lighter car" effect in the first half of their stints as the smaller tank scenario. Soz for the long post...
    If anyone can help, it would be appreciated.
    Cheers, Bill
  16. Bill,
    you can make those changes and any others using the same method as the power change.

    So, in the Ferrari_upgrades.ini
    At the very bottom, underneath your Engine power upgrade section, add the next section:

    UpgradeType="Fuel Tank Small"
    UpgradeLevel="Fuel Tank Small"
    Description="This tank should cause more pit stops"
    HDV=FuelRange=( 1 , 1 , 40 ) // 40 is max amount of fuel ie full tank - set fuel use to normal for a three stopper on majority of tracks
    HDV=FuelSetting=40 // initial fuel quantity
    HDV=NumPitstopsRange=(0,1,4) // the third digit is the number of stops available to choose i.e. 0,1,2, or 3 so choosing 4=3 stops
    HDV=NumPitstopsSetting=1 // how many pitstops shown initially
    HDV=Pitstop1Setting=40 // pitstop 1 initial fuel setting

    Now go and load in the Ferrari to make sure the tank size & pit stop details have changed. If so, you have done it.

    Unfortunately, the only way I know of creating the random aspect (say, half the field on two stops and half of them on three stops), is to create a second set of upgrade files, all with larger fuel tanks, say 60 litres. Then copy different ones in for each race, and you will have them on different strategies.

    I have use this method very successfully in my offline seasons - it just takes some patience to get the tank sizes where you want them, and then you can create as many variations as you want. There are other things you can do to refine the fuel consumption per track if necessary, but the above is the main step to take first.
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  17. Hey Keith, yes it works perfectly, thanks ! Now to play around with tank sizes to get some great 1,2 and 3 stop races happening.

    With the 2012 versions i did last year (again with your help) i had 10 different complete sets of engine files (this time it will be upgrade files) where i "randomly" went through and changed about 40% of the field to either 1 or 3 stops (via smaller or bigger tanks ofc)...the rest on the normal 2 stopper. Seemed to work really well so i will do the same. It was very track dependent on which strategy was best but i didn't think about it, just made the changes and went racing.

    I might record one of these races one day and make a highlights package showing the "strategy" at work. It's all good fun. Thanks again m8 :thumbsup: