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Ai lap times way too fast at the end of a race.

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by mrmorj, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. I think this has been reported in a few different ways previously. I am hoping that someone can come up with a solution. ? It's ruining the game
    By the last third of a season race (100% distance) the Ai are lapping quicker than the start by about three to four seconds. I accept this as track rubbering in and less fuel. However, my own respective lap times are only about 1 or 2 seconds quicker on average. This meaning when i have a healthy lead or track position i find myself having to defend aggressively, then watching cars i have lapped trying to unlap themselves. The final 10 laps a car that i was pace matching mid race can finish 20 seconds ahead of me without my laps getting any quicker!
    To get around this i am now doing a mid race save when i notice the Ai speed increase happening significantly and then reloading the race on a lower difficulty level. This actually works out about right for race pace. But it's not right!!
    What setting in the game files controls the Ai speed increase during the 100% race ? is it gradual grip increase or speed increase or what? Can this be modded to make the final Ai lap time speed the same as mine? Do the Ai actually have to manage their speed for fuel saving?
    I have read replies regarding this before about my tyre wear and strategy but i have tried different approaches all with the same result !!

    Any help much appreciated!!
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  2. What difficultly level are you playing?

    I'm on expert and can keep up with AI at every stage of the race
  3. Professional, But it still doesn't change the fact that that every race i can decrease my lap times by an average of two seconds by race end but the Ai can do 3 or 4 seconds by race end. Also i have read people experiencing the exact same problem. My question is what within the program makes the Ai go faster (as expected in real life) and it is possible to adjust this to enable a better game play for those that require it !! I have seen cars on the slower tires go past me whilst i'm on faster rubber and extend their lead over me by 10+ seconds over the last 10 laps of a race.
    I am not saying i am slow because i have got quicker over the race but the Ai more so even on slower tires!!
  4. I agree with mrmorj ;experiencing same thing with professional AI, in first 5-7 laps i can keep up with them, then on gap will be like increasing +3s every lap :O_o:
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  5. I know which files change the AI pace in the game and I've already created a mod for the PC game for it, check out the mods section of this part of the forum.

    However my mod makes the professional and expert difficulty levels faster.

    I can do a custom made mod to make the professional difficulty level slower for you at each track, or I can give you instructions by PM on how to do this yourself if you are interested and have access to the modding tools.
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  6. Have in mind that they save fuel at the start of the race.

    End of race:
    Rich mix
    Lower fuel than start
    Rubbered track
    fast AI
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  7. Hi driveroz, i wouldn't mind having ago at modding it myself and adjust to my skill level with the ability to change it as i evolve if you could let me know how to chnage it. I will also look up your MOD.
    A question does this mean that the Ai will be slower at the start or have you reduced their speed just near the end of the race to stop them being so fast ?
  8. I am looking to change the Ai from gaining 3 or 4 seconds a lap over the race distance 100% and bringing it down to about 2 to 2.5 seconds per lap decrease to match my lap time reduction.
  9. Like myself

    End of Race
    Rich Mix
    Lower Fuel
    Rubbered Track
    Not as fast as the Ai in respect to the first half of the race....
  10. Just practice more, pretty simple really, no need for mods!
  11. It happens on every difficulty. The AI always fuel save in a 100% race for the first 30%-40% of the race. Then in the last 20% they run full revs. That is why at the start you are owning them and towards the end they are thrashing you. My advice would be (I do this) at the start run full revs for a few laps and get to the position you want. Then save fuel and block the cars behind you. Now when they decide to go to full revs (you will here from the engineer) you go to full revs too. Hope it helps.
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  12. Yes, this will make the AI slower at the start of the race, but you should be conserving fuel at the start of the race too. No??

    If you are improving on tyre wear and fuel management you will see an even bigger closing of the gap between you and AI cars towards the end of the race.

    I'm sending you a PM about this. I may already have a mod ready for you to try.
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  13. I have been playing since F1 2010 and F1 games pre modern day PC's. It's not about practice!! This game is arcade style. I MOD the game to create a realism that i personally wish for, to suite what i want, more like a simulator ! ( i have other sim racing games)
    Thanks for your input !
  14. Hey, thanks for the advice. I do save fuel to compensate for this, but from your suggestion maybe not saving enough, i also ensure i am finishing on the faster rubber. I will give this a try, i am not a fan of weaving around the track to stop an overtake i normally play with a personal idea of just one legitimate move or block as per real race rules!

  15. Honestly, if you've been playing since 2010 it might be time to up your game by practicing more (turn all assists off if you have any too) and up your difficulty to higher than professional >> Expert or Legendary are way more fun anyway when you get to grips with it, it forces you to adapt your driving style and racecraft a bit, you may not be competitive to begin with but stick with it and I think you'll find your problems won't be so bad... I don't notice what you're experiencing at all when I play, sure the AI pump in the laptimes towards the end of a race but I've adapted my technique to match them, you'll find it's the fastest way to complete a race so it makes sense to conserve fuel and tires till the end... Not sure what kind of mod you're after that will slow down the AI towards the end of a race?! That's effectively giving them a handicap and you an unfair advantage, not exactly "realism" ...
  16. To be honest i really don't care what you think ! Other people have experienced what i am explaining. You haven't really added anything that i don't already know. My busy work schedule and family life means i obviously don't have that much time to spend stuck in doors playing arcade games! Just every once in a while !
    How do you think the different game difficulties work ? by the program handicapping you or un-handicapping the Ai or vice versa !!!
    Read my first post... i wasn't asking for a driving style critic. I...as in me.. in my humbled opinion feel that something isn't quite right and I ..as in me want to try and correct it to suit myself in any way i can...Not particularly fussed about you !!
    If you can't help out with what i am asking not sure that i need to hear from you.
    Thanks all the same !!
  17. Do you mean mix 1 for saving fuel? I spend most of the race in mix 2, never use 3 at the start. On 25% I can get 2 laps mix 3, perhaps more at the end of the race, but I have tended to eat tyres with this year's game so mix 3 tends to worsen grip. I'll have to try mix 1 from time to time.
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  18. I am trying Chessmaster02 suggestion at the moment. I am still thinking that a 4 second evolution of Ai track and lap times over 100% race is too much though! It will take some time but i am looking over a period of time the Ai fastest qualy times and their fastest race lap times to see if there is anything out of the ordinary !
  19. I am on Expert and I find it okay to keep up at the end. try to brake later maybe.
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  20. If you brake later into the corners i find with 2014 there is more wheel spin coming out the corners as you're trying to get up to speed harder, This maybe due to the new gear ratio rule and that you can't adjust it. I find carrying more speed through the corner with a gentler braking in has better speed out. But i will try it out !! Thanks