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AI just seems to be unaffected by tyre worn effect

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by csxwin, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. I always lose my pace due to tyre wearing after 6 laps (50% distance), however AI seems to be unaffected by this tyre effect. Since I can check every AI's lap time in the race director, it's clear that AI's lap seems to remain the same thorough the whole match. every match, I always get rid of AI behind me in the first and two lap and then caught by them after 5 or 6 laps before first stink. I'm quite annoyed by this. And I wonder if this is only my misunderstand or an existed bug that many gamer have also met. maybe my driving style or car set up wear tyre quickly?
  2. You are right but it's not a bug. It will be just too much calculations if same player physics are applied to all the AI's. I could be wrong but AI are just set to run at certain pace at certain phase of the race. On the other hand, because AI are predictable in their driving and strategy, it's easy to beat them. Make sure to conserve your tires in qualifying especially if you're doing long weekend. And altering the race strategy just before the race usually gives huge advantage.
  3. Can someone pls explain how?
    I do 50% also. Dry, After Q3, I'm 4th. 94% options. I need 2 stops at least.
    In race after 2-3 laps I'm up 2nd, but about 3 laps b4 my recommended pit-lap. My force me to slow down dramatically. The cars who overtake start to do crazy times. I end up finishing 16th because of about 9 slow laps and extreme times from the cars out of sight.
    Am I doing sg wrong?
  4. For the race, adjust your setup so that tyres deform less!!

    To do this:
    1) Softer springs
    2) Lower Antirollbar options
    3) Higher camber values
  5. i actually won some races and many times positions in race just because the AI tyres where worned out, u could have just see it visually, they where spinning sideways like it was rainy, its cool
  6. Just a noob question. I'm a bit confused about the camber values because of the negative sign. When you say higher camber is it move the slider to the right or to the left?
  7. Moving camber to the left gives the wheel a more negative value, increasing traction and tire wear in corners. Moving it to the right will reduce the effect, by giving camber a more positive value.
  8. Do they slide or literally spin out and on which track
  9. Thanks for the info.
  10. really? I think there is a tire wearing effect on AI...I mean...at 20% race distance, I do notice the AI tends to start slowing down a bit after the first stop.
  11. they spin out, some get in tetaque, some struggle to keep their rear on the streight line, its not only 1 track i witnessed this, last i remember when it happend was in Hungary, and they where on Super Softs, i was on Option, but already changed the tyres, i guess they didnt

    Later Edit: i'm not using any patch btw, i'm done with crazy patches since 2010, washed my hair with it enough, better play the game as it is