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AI in the rain

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by Amplitude, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. The AI in the rain are way too fast IMO. I'm playing on expert and always have a train behind me, I'm not the best in the rain but still, I'm getting obliterated in Q1 finished in last all 3 times I've had full wet qualifying.

    How do you guys feel about the AI in the full wet, especially.
  2. It's the same for me, the AI has way too much grip compared to the player.
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  3. Another reason I won't be buying this. It's been the same since 2010 - you can be top 5 in the dry, but no matter how well you drive in the wet, you're always the slowest. AI is very unbalanced in this game, or at least its predecessors.

    And sadly it doesn't sound like it's been resolved yet.
  4. Someone needs to make a mod like last year to slow them down in the rain. It's a joke.
  5. I agree also the AI wet times are to good, but with just a small adjustment to the database under "AI driver / Wet ability" the game becomes a lot more playable. I changed mine from Expert 0.8 value to 0.7 and it's now much better. You only need to download the Ryder Ego database editor and the SchemaF12014 xml file and you can edit the database very easily.
  6. That wont change much, the main differance is not in the database, but in the ai files, the xml files. But as smartbean said, its a part of the mod in his post

    So yeah trust me, the main differance is in the .xml files, if its that easy to just make in the database then I would not have used so long time on making the rain pace part of that mod... :p
  7. Yes, you can use a mod to slow them down.

    Or better still, to make it more realistic, seeing that in the full heavy rain, real-life F1 races are either run behind a pace car until the conditions improve, or in some cases are red flagged if it's even too bad to run behind a pace car, what I'd suggest is download the debugging options mod, assuming you're running the game on PC of course. Then, as soon as your race engineer makes a comment about everyone complaining that they're struggling for grip or everyone complaining about the conditions, force deploy the safety car and keep on deploying it until the track conditions visibly become better, or when your race engineer tells you the rain is stopping or getting lighter.

    This is what I do. I feel it adds to the realism of the game and takes away the massive advantage the AI have in the wet. And even though I have modded my game to make them slower in the wet, this adds just a touch more realism to the game.