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AI Improved Overtaking / Improved 1st Lap performance????

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by daytona64, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Kristiann/MrPibb combo mod looks best game mod.

    Can you please tell me how you feel the mod impacts

    1) AI Overtaking - especially as the AI seem to never overtake on any previous mod - Kristiann claims to have made big improvements with his mod - what do you think?

    2) 1st Lap AI pace - AI were rubbish on first lap and too easy to overtake off line on the inside going into Turn 1. Has this been improved?

    I look forward to seeing your comments.
  2. No replies - it is the Summer and it is quiet. I haven't been around since March so I missed the 2 "new" mods. In the end I only tried Ace1.2and I have to say I was very impressed.I am not that good at the game but I was able to have a great season with the game set on Professional. I have only done half a dozen races but so far I have not been able to improved my grid slot by the end of Lap 1. So the starts are really improved.

    The racing is very exciting also with the field bunched a little (performance-wise) so there is always close fighting somewhere in the first 18 places. I found myself being a second a lap quicker than the AI during the first half of my tyre stints and a second a lap slower than them in the latter half of the tyre stints. So, great racing with me pushing to move forwardin the first half of stints and hanging on second half.

    The cars are still very shy of making overtaking moves but make a mistake, run wide etc and the AI do make the move on you. Unfortunately they are too easy to keep behind you in the DRS zones and the long straights - even without weaving you can delicately place your car alongside and they don't follow through to take the place from you - I wonder if Kristiann's mode is any better for that?

    Fighting to overtake them is a really much better story. The AI place their cars in all the right defensive places and will fight to hold position and bite straight back at you as you draw level with them. That is a major improvement.

    I was really impressed with the race starts. The AI are almost as quick as the player cars off the line and now the AI seem to drift down open spaces rather than cut back onto the racing line into Turn 1 leaving the inside lane open as was in the previous mods and vanilla game.

    I AM IMPRESSED, and thought I would share that with you all as nobody wanted to comment!! LOL
  3. I didn't want to comment just because 1 of the mods is mine. :redface:

    If you don't race on Legend and don't find the AI slow with Ace's mod - it should be the better choice I think. My AI is more on the other side. It has better race pace, but slow starts. They don't defend good, but they overtake good. They're more like Hamilton in my mod. They crash because they're too aggressive so if you use damage multiplier my mod will be bad for you. Altho this aggression is good because without the damage multiplier they overtake pretty good. For the defending - I don't remember how was it but you're gonna have a hard time overtaking for sure. Not because they move to a defending line like in Ace's but just because they take the corner with such speed that you won't have where to overtake them and on the straights they're really really fast. I think I should make a new version but I don't know what exactly to include in it.. Anyways, if you try mine, I'd love to see you comparing them. I want to see where my mod loses. :)
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  4. Kristian, I am loading in your mod as we speak for a test-drive and will give you my report at the end of 6 more races on Professional. I am a little worried that I may not enjoy the start of races. I used to have to avoid overtaking the AI for 2 laps and hold position because it was too easy. If that is the case I will not be happy ;)
  5. Okay, my comparisons.....

    Ace1.2 cars are on rails going around the tracks. Kristian2.3 AI are clearly right on the edge and tend to slide around a great deal when they are fighting with each other. It is great fun to watch and I actually prefer the cars being on the edge. I had no problems with cars crashing out routinely. In 4 races I saw 2 crashes and both were racing incidents caused by 2 AI cars fighting for the same line through medium speed corners - great stuff.

    Qualifying works perfectly on Ace1.2 running fast times in Short Weekend. I fast forward to 5 minute remaining and then do my times. Times set by AI are competitive and you have to work hard to get good grid positions. I tried Kristian2.3 on Short weekend and used same technique but AI were way too slow. I was getting top 4 grid positions comfortably and qualifying way ahead of where I should have been.

    Ace1.2 race pace is spot on for me I found every race competitive and exciting and was able to find a fight wherever I was either just in front or just behind me.

    Kristian2.3 was 2 seconds a lap too fast on all bar Melbourne which is my fastest track. I was competitive with midfield team there but rest of races were spent fending off the Caterhams having fallen back through the field being eaten up by faster cars due to ridiculously high qualifying slots.

    Race start pace was good on both, cars are really good going into Turn 1 on both mods. If anything Kristian2.3 was slightly more exciting as cars tended to dart around more giving player car a harder time. From Turn 1 to end of Lap 1 Ace1.2 cars seemed to fight more and were able to drive 2 abreast having 2 racing lines for most of the lap. Kristian2.3AI tended to be that the cars are very predictable on first lap and try to file into single file like vanilla game too easy making them easy pickings around Lap 1. Ace1.2 were much better at fighting on Lap 1.

    Kristian2.3 cars are much more feisty when trying to overtake and their raw pace is so good they are pretty difficult to overtake too.

    Maybe I am not qualifying correctly and possibly you need to run at x1 speed or something or do long weekend only but, if I have got this right, I think everyone would prefer
    Ace1.2 Qualifying process.
    Kristian2.3 Start to Turn 1
    Ace1.2 Turn 1 through to end of first lap
    Kristian2.3 Race pace
    Ace1.2 AI defensive driving
    Kristian2.3 AI offensive driving

    The only thing people would argue over is whether you prefer to see AI battling each other hard and skidding around a lot when battling and occasionally running wide and being erratic. Ace1.2 cars are on rails by comparison and thgis one is personal choice - for me I prefer Kristian2.3 where AI cars are unpredictable and will bang your and each other's wheels and fight to the death on each corner - I loved that.

    In summary, Kristian2.3 is slightly ahead because of my preference to see cars jostle like gladiators. But this is a very personal view. That said, because there is a 4 second gap between each difficulty level I am in between levels on Kristian2.3 and Ace1.2 is perfect match for my pace on Professional - so I will be playing Ace1.2 until I speed up by about 2 seconds a lap and then will move up to Kristian2.3 Professional. If I can get another couple of seconds faster per track I will then switch over to the Ace1.2.


    In conclusion, I wish we could have the best of both and a joint effort would produce something very special. At the moment they have both produced something special but combined could be superb and would probably eliminate the need to buy F12012 (at least until these 2 guys get together and fix that version!!!)
  6. Ace1.2 Qualifying process.
    Kristian2.3 Start to Turn 1
    Ace1.2 Turn 1 through to end of first lap
    Kristian2.3 Race pace
    Ace1.2 AI defensive driving
    Kristian2.3 AI offensive driving

    Soo, I started to work but I'm still far from releasing a new version but. Qualifying will definitely be improved. It will be like Ace's ==> fast forward to get the AI into good times.

    AI Defending - already improved. They do move to the inside line so you don't have track to pass them.

    AI Attacking - I've improved that a little. Now they'll try more to overtake on the inside line and not randomly attack outside/inside.

    As for the difficulties - I wanted to make them closer too, but I didn't know how. I still don't know but hopefully I'll find a way. After all - people that are downloading such mods are looking for faster AI. Amateur level on my mod is slower than original AI so it's useless. :)
  7. Hi guys, I'm new to posts but have been downloading the mods to try for a couple of weeks now. let me tell you that i have to agree with Daytona64 .... both mods have their ups and downs. Sayin that It has brought this game back to life for me. keep up the great work, u modder blokes rule. :thumbsup:

  8. Can you tell me the ups and downs on both mods? I want to improve but I'm not sure what exactly I should make. I've made a few things already but nothing major. I want to be an impressive update, so.. I'd like if anyone who tried both mods to take a little time and tell me where I'm losing to Ace and what can be overally improved. Thank you! :)

  9. hmmm I think i may have to re install and start over ... been playing around with to many mods. will do it soon and try again and try give you some good feedback.
    Is there a way of saving career as i just finished japan and got offer from RedBull. :)
  10. You can make a rar file to the "My Games" folder in My Documents. Extract it when you want to play again.
  11. A little update.... so far I tried both mods on melb track and Im in a RedBull short race playing on pro level but I use NO DRS in qually or im too fast. on Legend setting I could only manage a 8th position with Ace 1.2 and I cheated by using extra kers mod.. :p so its a little to challenging for me. Havent tried Kris 2.3 on legend yet.
    The race was 20% I won both races But gotta say was alot more fun on Kris 2.3 ai was changing direction trying hard to overtake loved it.
    maybe its just me but I think legend is just a little to far away from Pro level...what do you think?

    Kris 2.3
    IMAG0041.jpg IMAG0042.jpg
    Ace 1.2

  12. I can't make the difficulties closer to each other. I'm trying but I can't find a way. They're probably inside the exe file.I want to closer the gap too but.. :/
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  13. Im not complaining...I think you guys do a great job wish I knew how to do it. I play on pro and no drs its nice and close in qualy and some tracks I cant get into top 3 or 4 so im happy as a pig in ****...lol no really your mod has give this game new meaning to me I played it at the start and got bored now i came back to it after finding out about mods... so thanks heaps :)
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