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AI get out of scrapes/off's easily.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by John Bergqvist, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Is it me or do the AI get back on the track alot more easier/quicker than you'd think, even on the lowest difficulty settings?
  2. They have simplified physics to save CPU resources. That has some unfortunate side-affects. And they would probably have a harder time dealing with full physics simulation.
  3. Yeah I race with the AI a lot and they make some pretty bonehead moves, which leads me to bump them sometimes. It's like I hit a wall, the AI car does nothing, doesn't even move off his line...had I done that to a human racer, it would be a totally different story
  4. What I also notice is that collisions against the AI don't affect the player's car too much, you can get away with bumping them more. But when players collide with each other in MP it's different, then both cars can lose control easily.
  5. But I have also notice some strange behavior with the AI. Sometime a small contact with the computer make you having a slew round.

    I make some race with a friend of mine online (with AI), and I am waiting for the autorisation to race with the other RD pilotes online. It would be more fun...
  6. well you have to post an application for that, Sebastien.
  7. But I am registrated for only 1 week, maybe I can wait 1 more week to post my application ?
  8. You can post it now and it will then be placed as pending until the 3 weeks are up.
  9. Good to know. Gonna get myself an aplicationform too :)