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AI errors and failures more real

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Masterhand, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. This mod serves to give more realism to the AI racers allowing them to make more mistakes and failures.

    This mod is complemented perfectly with my AI mod 2012, since in that mod is configure the percentage of errors and failures in each row separately. This mod was not tested with the original database, and this should be mentioned that the percentage in this mod will be affected by the values ??of the database, which states individually to each runner (the original brings all the same)

    To install to replace the file in the folder ai_choreographer AI of the game, by this

    AI errors and failures more real
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  2. Thanks. :thumbsup:
  3. thx good job
  4. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    When it really works, great!

    Can you tell me, which parameters you changed?

    Because i wnat it in my own database, so not everything is away...

  5. 13 Karthikeyan ? This is not real.
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  6. I'd like to see other examples, not Monaco.
    My database contains more crashes on other tracks too
  7. I've tried this mod, but after 5 laps there are only 15 cars left on track.
    copied the original file back to the folder and after 5 laps all 24 cars are still on track
  8. Wow dude you really overdid it on the mistakes, I haven't checked it out but the values are way to high
  9. I think thats why I'm with 15 cars after a few laps :p
    And that was just the "soft" file
  10. AI mistakes can be done in database, decrease the value of "Mistakes"
  11. Not a good mod sorry look at this folks:



    At lap 15 or so, 9 cars left i was just racing and waiting when the other 8 will crash and get my 25 points.
    Also this was on legend i mean.. Wuuuut this was so easy, i was eating some chips and driving at the same time.
    yesterday i did Bahrain 100% race, i struggle to win the race.

    PS: before you ask, yeah right Legend with a caterham on top!
    I did modified some files to make caterham as fast as McLaren.

    Cars->Mc2->Track-> copy all files -> place them into: Cars->Ca2->track-> place, and rename all tracks from mc2_abu_dahbi to ca_abu_dhabi
  12. So to make them more mistakes you must decrease the value?
  13. Vettel 23rd. LOL
  14. Yeah it does do something right!

    Haha i started at position one, he at second place.
    We started, and 2nd lap first corner engine blew up! LMAO Vettel you german punk!
    Now put that finger right up your ***! And put your chin on a trolly

    Good driver, only hate that browny finger!
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  15. I really would like this scenario happens to Vettel at Austin :D
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  16. No no...let him lead all the race for like 20 seconds ahead.
    Than last corner he takes the curb to hard on the inside, with worn tires he slips and doesnt get his car in first gear :confused:
    Then Alonso passes by, and final race: May the best car/driver win
    I both dislike Vettel and Alonso. Vettel with his stupit finger, and Alonso cause he cant keep his goddamn hand in the cockpit! Spanish prick :redface:
  17. Thats right.

    You can edit the file in this topic too but make sure the values aren't set as high as this man did.
  18. Alonso can't keep his hands in the cockpit?
    Are you referring to Abu Dhabi 2010 where he lost the WDC in the very last race due to the fact that overtaking of a slower car was impossible at that time without DRS?
    Are you serious?
    Please stop the swearing and the racist talk.
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  19. Sammy, i don't know if you watch practice 1,2 and 3, Qauly, and race but i do!
    And Alonso gets his hand outta the cockpit every time (lately not cause Senna is doing that) when another driver is defending in race or coudn't get 100% outta the way in qualy!
    I mean...it's the racesport, there isn't always all the 100% space on track, deal with it!

    Thats why i don't like Alonso, it's my opinion :confused:
  20. You are entitled to your opinion, that's not the point, but I don't know why you put the confused symbol. He is asking you to stop the foul language, it's not necessary.
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