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Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Glygoo, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. After a couple of days practicing with the latest update I was very pleased with the feel of the cars with my G27 and I thought, "This is really good". So I started an ADAC GT Championship with Adaptive AI and compulsory pitstop. In the first race I did my pitstop then I got a message to say I had a Drive-through penalty for not pitting?????? I carried on and got disqualified. Then on to the second race and again I took my pitstop then the lap after I got a Drive-through penalty, so this time I came in for a Drive-through and the car stopped in the pit?????? After I left the pit I was in last position, then with a couple of minutes left in the race I passed an AI car that had stopped on track, then another two, then another and so on. There were AI cars crashed and stopped all around the track, so I finished first and the 15 AI cars all got DNF. Has anybody else had this problem? Do the devs know about it? It's a shame because I was really beginning to like RRRE after all this time it's been in development.
  2. Keith Joyce

    Keith Joyce
    Stercus accidit Premium Member

    Report it on the Sector 3 forum.
  3. DrDetroit

    Premium Member

    Yup, I just had the same thing happen with DTM 2014 championship. The last few laps of a 45-minute race all the AI cars crashed or simply stopped on the track. I have had no issues with pit stops.

    Good day,
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  4. Peevee88

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    Shame the AI is rubbish because the game is getting there slowly but surely with very good looking tracks and excellent car choices...
    Tried racing the new Formula Raceroom 2 and also the Audi LMP1 - with 24 AI opponents tried Adaptive and AI at 100% (far too slow and very stupid ) the AI at 120% (good lap times but still stupid) - useless to try an offline race in mould of rF2 or even GTR2 for that matter.
    The RRE AI have little concept of racing line, brake far too early for too long, carry little speed through corners, get huge speed out of some corners, wobble around on track, appear to slow down for no reason, almost come to a standstill at certain apexes, make many mistakes like running wide on exits, missing braking points, go into single file when too many approach the corners, clueless how to avoid wrecks of other AI... reminds me of total newbies doing arrive & drive rental karting...
    This is across the classes - and I have noticed the AI in all classes have exact same problems at exact same points on the tracks - this needs to be fixed... until then this is a hot lap sim which can be fun with leaderboards etc, but this would be only the tip of the iceberg of racing game that has the content and thus potentially to be a very entertaining racing sim
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  5. Reported thanks
  6. DrDetroit

    Premium Member

    Sounds like you are talking about my driving skills!
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  7. For your mandatory pit stop, you have to enable the Driver Change in the pit stop settings:

    When coming in for a drive-through penalty, you also have to enable the penalty setting.
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