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AI: dirty tricks and the effect on public server driving

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Lee Downham, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Last night for the first time in ages I went for a spin against the AI, and damn was I unhappy with their driving "skills".

    It seems that any time I got near overtaking them there was some very dodgy manoeuvre by them intent on taking me out, the list includes brake checking, heavy doses of swerving across my line (both on straights and also as we were turning in after outbraking them).
    At other times when they were behind they would run deep into the back of a corner and usually the back of me, using as a "berm" and me nerfing me off into the weeds.
    Another one I found real annoying and downright dirty was the US Police chase manouvre. Any time they were close behind me and especially through a bend, they would try to get their front end under me slightly and spin me by nerfing the back end of my car sideways :nono:

    I had the AI set at 103% or 104% and was starting at the back so I could work my way up the field, but I think in every race I started I was punted off into the dirt by some dirty trick or other ... :pissed-off:

    A thought that struck me about all this is whether the public servers are full of such dirty tricks because people think because the AI do it then its OK for them to do ti too?

    Discuss :laugh2:
  2. I agree. The AI play dirty tricks and never ever ever obey the blue flags in practice.

    On the other hand, it's great practice. If you can complete a whole race without touching another AI car, then you surely won't be a wrecker on the public servers :wink2:
  3. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    The thing I find completely baffling is that the AI in GTL seems so much better.
  4. I agree with both! But it can sometimes be very annoying, is there anyway of modifying the Talent files to calm them down abit?
  5. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    It is strange. If I remember correctly rF has a "aggressiveness" slider for the AI, so maybe there is a setting for it in GTRe
  6. i noticed them cutting me off right away
  7. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    I love racing against AI! There are only a few tracks where they bump you off I find, then again I always race with add-on tracks.
  8. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    Main problem that stops meever racing with AI is thedropping back thing which removes all possible intensity from the situation of being followed. If I pull accross the track in front of Lee in the minis on friday he isnt gonna get off the gas and drop back half a second hes gonna switch and pressure me. So why doesn't the AI. I really hopethat the AI issues in this game are related to the game engine and that he lizard engine will be much better since thats the biggest selling point of RP for me.
  9. lol I was experimenting at Le Mans with 45 cars 2 days ago. Flying down the back stretch at about 195mph, I tucked into a draft, swung out and was right beside an AI..like RIGHT beside him. All of a sudden he flings right and of course I slammed on my brakes and flung myself into the barrier and he simply swerved back left into his original line. Dirty little bugger!
  10. :funnypost: ... exactly my point
  11. Mike I’m quoting you for no special reason, many post on this topic say more or less the same…

    Not only in practice but in race too (as a matter of fact, always)...

    Yes and no...

    Like you point it, yes, but the other way around can be also true too. It can badly "educate" our younger fellow "simracers" that certain behavior is "normal" and accepted in online racing (like Lee pointed).

    In likes the pitman maneuver pointed by Lee or the simple rear end straight bashing...

    Many times I'm amazed by the number of people that race on-line that don't know that every bump on the bodywork, even when no damaged is reported, equals to less top speed and acceleration.
  12. Well I am probably going to say the opposite to you lot lol.
    But I raced the WTCC07 Ai through the WTCC07 calendar championship, set at pro difficulty (95 or 93 percent I think), and everything was clean to me, I saw Ai giving each other a bit of a bash, but to me they were quite relaxed...

    Too relaxed! The one point I can say where I think the Ai aren't as good on are defending their position. For example, I could dive down the inside of another Ai racer really late, and he'll just move to the outside and let me by... So I could be REALLY aggressive in overtaking.

    I do like the fact that its really close racing with the Ai in the respect that I could have bumper-to-bumper racing with them. Really enjoyed it frankly!

  13. I too did a wtcc07 champ on 100% but the AI in those circumstances is in a very limited situation, and yes I do agree that at first it looks ok...

    You will see the things go "wrong" when:

    • Just put them going a little bit faster on the straights (aka up the %).
    • Do GTs (aka faster cars with shorter reaction times).
    • Do long distance races (where there is a need to give laps to other racers).
    • In certain tracks (even official simbin) they apply brakes where they aren't needed and find extra grip where there isn't any ;)

    All in all, although the script on certain tracks should/could be improved, they are bots so not much can be “asked”, no doubt that’s one of the reasons why we have this fine club ;)
  14. I hate this too, I race at 103-105%, its like burnout and destruction derby, they bump into you all the time. But if you dont overtake them and hang on a bit, like almost a lap or more, and then pass them, they aint that aggressive and mad, they kinda let you pass without any touching. well thats my opinion
  15. I agree it's not the best, but I stick to slower cars, mostly the btcc mod so that I don't notice it so much. The best AI ever was in Grand Prix 4, which is what 8 years old? so I don't know why it's still a negative points in most games. In GP4 the AI would scrap with each other, dive up your inside, move across to defend the inside, lock up brakes under pressure and when lapping them they get off the gas and let you by no trouble. For singleplayer I stick mostly to GP4, trying to get the 2007 mod to run well at the minute.
  16. Mine recent experience was in GT Pro cars and like I said set at 103% or 104%.
    @ Jamie, try something ore akin to that mate (93% is gonna have the AI let you past maybe too easily) - I think you will find things a little different when you get beyond 100%.
    Upping the %age should not make them more stupid and dangerous though, it should actually increase their intelligence and driving skills.

    I am scared to think what the recent 110% limit does, banger racing maybe :pound: [might check it later for a laugh].
  17. Yea sounds like agood idea i might have a go when i get home from school later! Could be laugh ;)
  18. David Buxton

    David Buxton

    Just been on the public for the first time in months.... I've just remembered why I stopped.

    others using your car as an extra brake.

    One guy called jakke12? whether it was the mini, seat or FBW's i was his extra brakes. :pissed-off: :pissed-off: :pissed-off: :pissed-off:

    Shame though as I was in the top 6 in qualify. Car killed by the t**t though :pissed-off: :pissed-off: :pissed-off: :pissed-off:
  19. I had the same experiences a while back ... quashed my public server meanderings once more and reminded me why RD rocks :wink2:
  20. David Buxton

    David Buxton

    exactly :good:

    Also what I noticed is no-one looks when rejoining the track, swerving in front of you when you come to LAP them! (Yes, I'm not the only one that gets lapped) :no: :teeth::no: :teeth: :no: :teeth: :no: :teeth: :no::teeth: