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AI difficulty questions

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by J van E, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. First of all I noticed I can't set the AI slider to the far right. Well, yes, I can, but when I confirm the changes and go back to those options, the slider ALWAYS is one notch to the left... Anyone else has this too?

    Secondly: I've been driving with the slider in the middle for starts. Still pretty hard to finish a bit near the top. This afternoon I decided to check the various levels of AI. I set the slider to the far left and (obviously) won everything. How boring. So I set the slider to the far right (well, one notch down, see above) and to my surprise it seemed that setting wasn't really harder then the slider at the middle. I even ended up 3rd once. Although I also ended up almost last two times but that was due to a crash: one mistake and you are utterly lost completely. It seems the AI doesn't crash that much...? Anyway, with the AI at the highest level I don't win but I have a nice battle trying to get into the top 8 or something like that. Anyone else also noticed the difference between AI at the middle and far right isn't that much at all?

    Finally: I drive with all HUD options AND all help options off (odd that the highest difficulty level keeps semi-auto gear enabled...? I have that set to manual). I also now drive without flashbacks. Anyone else who does this too? It's a lot more exciting but also more frustrating every now and then... ;) Specially since the co-driver often is too late with his announcing sharp corners...
  2. I drive at the highest difficulty level as well, and yes it is pretty frustrating. I think the biggest difference is probably that there's no flashbacks.

    Also, you can set the co driver to announce things in advance...somewhere in the options.
  3. Somehow the AI is a lot better at taking hairpins... I noticed that on the easy rallies I can end up pretty high but on the more complicated ones, even though I seem to be driving flawlessly, I can't reach the top 10 at all... Does that AI cheat somehow? They also don't seem to make mistakes. I always make one mistake somewhere and considering the times and length of the stages that usually means I don't stand a change at all anymore... I usually end up at the back of the field (20th - 26th place). It seems the same AI-drivers alwys end up at the top of the scoreboard. Would be really nice if they would ruin a stage too every now and then.

    And btw even when using flashbacks (to make up for late calls) I can't reach a high position on the more difficult rallies...
  4. Yea you have to drive pretty much flat out + flawlessly to beat the AI times.

    Hairpins took me a bit to get used to, but I think they're all about gearing and differential settings. You want to be able to keep revs up but not hit the limiter, you want to keep your wheels spinning, but not sliding out too much. Throttle pedal seems more important on hairpins than steering or anything else.
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  5. Yup, hairpin is about getting grip sooner after turning the car drastically. can be 0.5 to 1 second of difference.