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AI difficulty problem

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by yannara, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. In CM original forums I saw the thread about AI difficulty being too high or something. I found myself having problems with being compatitive in career with Difficulty Level #2. I tried career with on Amateur level (first difficulty level #1), and I couldn´t get decent position on qualify, but I could overcome them all during the race.

    So my question is, has this been fixed in a patch? I remember this same problem was in Patch #3 or Patch #4, after that I gave up.
  2. Practice sounds like your solution, they are always faster in qualifying as they run fast mix and probably 3-5 laps of fuel, when you race you fuel load starts anywhere from a lap less than race amount of laps (aggressive) is 1 lap i think it is extra for normal and a 2 laps extra on cautious.

    So the fuel load slows the cars, and also rich mix is limited so your racing the AI when they can't match qualifying until the last few laps of the race
  3. Thanks for the input. I tried to qualify with fewer fuel, no change. I remember, that in CM forum there was a long discussion about this and it was aknowledged as a bug. So lot of other players have or had this issue with 2013 game. With 2012, I had no problems even on a difficulty level #2.
  4. I think the ai are quite slow, I just did a practice session at kuala lumpur in williams and finished 7th
  5. I agree, the difficult in career mode is inconsistent to other modes. On the same australian track in grand prix mode for example i can qualify for 7-8 position in intermediate and 2-4 position in amateur. mean while in career mode amateur, I can't even get 10th place. given all the talk about practice and slow ai reasoning people use to defend it. shouldn't I not be able to place 7 in amateur difficulty in grand prix mode as well?

    try explaining that, or everyone else is in denial?
  6. I personally don't think the AI are slow for my skill level, I play on expert and i drive for Mercedes atm. I qualify 6th - 2th on average every race with a few poles on my favourite tracks which i'm faster on.

    When it comes to race day i always leap up to 1st - 2nd on the first corner and maintain that position until my tyre wear kicks in and the AI catch up as either their tyre wear is always set to the tyre wear scales of a 100% race or they don't suffer from it.

    After pitting its the same story hold my position until the AI are riding my gearbox on the final 2 laps because of tyre wear.

    Let alone your team partner, or season rival who's car receives a boost over all others, in codemasters attempt to make the team challenge harder. I just did a test in my career mode, i applied a +25% grip mod, which made me lap 6-8 seconds faster every lap, and Rosberg sits in second at race finish 14 seconds in front of 3rd, with me 36 seconds in front of him.

    Until that test Rosberg never did that he would always be in amongst the field of competitors, and the only person i felt he had an advantage over was me.

    Only problem with tests like that though is you have to validate your steam files to remove it, as i forgot to back up the file it overrode
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  7. I haven't experienced this team mate boost. I just did a career race with williams. I finished 13th maldonado was way back in 18th or something I believe. I almost lapped him. doing 100% race btw legend difficulty
  8. This is very serious problem, a bug, if that´s true.

    I just gone through all logs of every patches, and there is no mention about AI skill fix...
  9. I also noticed this thing with pit, that when I come from there, I´m also behind someone, with worse Place than I gone in PIT. It happends always (after 4 races I did), always few cars past By my because of pitting. I always lose positions because of piting. Sounds femiliar?
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  10. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    try to pit before or just after the AI to avoid having to wait for them in the pit lane.
    The further your pitbox is away from the pit entry the more chance of you having to wait for other cars that stop on the same lap as you.
  11. Okay, if my race is 25%, like 14 laps, what would be the best lap to pit?
  12. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    not sure, it would depend on the circuit i guess. I don't race 25% distance but i imagine it might be a bit harder to offset your pitstops in shorter races. Try just staying out one lap longer than the guys in front of you.
  13. Yep, I just did that, and 3-4 cars got a front of me with this strategy.
  14. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    the difficulty is that if there are only 14 laps in the race then you're options for pitting a lap earlier or later are reduced, especially if it's 3 stop race.
    You could also try to eliminate a pitstop by running primes more than options. Or you could also try starting on Primes and getting out of the option pitstop windows that the majority of the AI will be on.
  15. With 25% race lenght, there is 1 pitstop and it seems to be mandatory for everyone, right?
  16. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    oh. i didn't realize there was one one stop in 25%....
    What i would do then is find out how long the option tyrs last in the race and start on Primes. if Options last 10 laps then it's easy. Start Primes and pit with 10 laps to go.