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AI damage / reduced performance without patch 1.01

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jace11, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. This is a little tip for those not running the patch (cause of it's bugs).

    Pre-patch damaged wings don't seem to affect AI drivers at all in my tests, they fly around on rails through high-speed corners. The patch introduced a slowdown for damaged cars which was nice, but all the other bugs put me off this patch.

    In the ai_driver_config.xml there is a line

    <BehaviourRaceDamaged bool="false" />

    change the variable to true...

    Now an Ai car without a front wing can't take turns fast and runs very wide, often causing accidents etc..

    They probably left it out cause it's a bit jittery and the cars still have full speed on straights, but in corners they are easy to overtake with this change. They seem to attempt the corner at normal speed but having no grip they go way off track and have to recover. Their jittery nature is mitigated by them only driving one lap before pitting to replace the wing, but I kinda like it..

    I am also running the fallback.cft from the patch in my F12010/cars folder but I don't think it does anything at all pre-patch.
  2. What program opens these files? Thanks for any answer.
  3. stf


    you can open with HDD Free Hex Editor