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AI crash, has anyone seen it yet. I saw one

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Kimi450, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Today i saw the first ai crash ever in f1 2011. i was in qualifying session in a mclaren at spa. as i passed through the eau rouge i saw a ferrari with 3 of its wheel, front wing and the upper part of the rear wing scattered around the run off area and skid marks over the place. it was massa sadly i couldn't take a vid or pic of it :( tell me your experience for fun
  2. Yeah I've seen quite a few in Season 1.

    Examples I can think of:

    Schumacher spinning in the chicane at Silverstone
    Massa and Webber colliding heavily into turn 1 at Monza and demolishing each other
    HRT's spinning all over the place
    Webber and Alonso coming together in the wet at Spa
    Seen Petrov go off a few times as well.
    Had two safety cars at Monaco, one for Massa and Webber again, the other for Kobayashi
    Also had a safety car at Hungary, although I'm not 100% sure who went off, I can't remember
  3. Same as above, a couple of crashes in Season 1 - Unfortunately not seen a Safety Car deployment though, even with 50% race distance and damage to full.

    • Monte Carlo Race, a few cars piled up on the Hairpin - Yellow Flags, and I had to very carefully weave between the cars all over the track
    • Valencia Qualifying, a HRT spun out on one of the corners, caused a couple of cars to damage their front wings whilst everybody else weaved around him. Yellow flags.
    • Nurburgring Race, a Red Bull made the last turn too tight and smashed into the pit wall, losing a couple of tires. Yellow flags.
  4. That's why I always play with FRAPS on. Too bad Xfire's "in-game" doesn't work in games using DX11.

    Btw - are you guys using any mods for increased AI aggression/damage?
  5. No mods (play on 360), 50% races, legend ai.

    I can't believe I've had 3 safety cars, and still have 6 races to go, seems like everyone else is getting 0 or 1
  6. Im doing 50% races professional AI and i had my 1st safety car today! At montreal Canada career mode, 3th place was less than 1 second behind Button and got into the DRS zone, Got past him put he outbraked me ( Yeh i know weird ) And, i got the chicanes faster he touched my rear and i could barely hold the car and he spun and hit Alonso alot of debris on the track and a few seconds later SC was deployed.
  7. 20% legend ai and a couple of assists career... ive just finished japan 1st season, but have not yet had a safety car yet. barely a yellow flag! im even trying to cause crashes now just for a glimpse of the safety car!
  8. I ve seen the A1 crash quite alot happening right in front of me which I think is abit faulse like I seeing it abit too much. One car span in front of me, was sideways in the middle of the track i couldn't avoid it and I got a 10 second penalty for running into it :o Outrageous.
  9. Di Resta dive up the inside of Perez @ sepang catching the grass on lap 1 and spinning into a HRT.
    Heidfeld & Barrichello opening DRS too early at turn 8 in istanbul.
    Rosberg crashing into the wall at turn 1 in monaco after Petrov passed him on the inside.
    Glock spinning into the wall and losing his two front wheels and front wing at turn 12 in Monaco.
    Massa spinning at the same corner later in the race with minimal damage.
    Rosberg spinning after the 1st chicane in Montreal after hitting the Allianz advertising wall.
    There all the AI crashes I've seen in my career as I start Valencia.
  10. Am I playing the same game!! I'm on japan and have only seen one crash! A Ferrari spun in qualy. So unrealistic, I don't see any crashes or retirements
  11. I saw a Virgin lose it pretty bad going round Turn Two at Istanbul - he smacked the wall and should've been DNF, but kept on going.