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AI Car Performance a bit off.

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Ryan Vickery, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. So i did the Lamborghini challenge in the A-Spec races, i went in with a 642bhp Murcielago chrome edition. Off the mark the AI cars all seemed a bit faster than me and aside from them braking early in the corners i'm sure they had the advantage on me in a straight line.

    Now heres the thing.

    The cars infront were a 350bhp 60s Miura and the 1974 Contach also around 350bhp. The Miura was beating me on the straights and taking corners at similar speed, i won the race from later braking but the front running cars were the old classics with the more powerful modern cars at the back.

    This is obviously ridiculous, i should have (as should have the AI driving modern cars) left them in my dust at the lights out in that car. It didnt help that in the corners the thing is trying to be a japanese drifting machine about 95% of the time. This was probably my first big cold moment of playing the game, firstly how ridiculously hard my lambo was to drive without drifting, and secondly how ridiculously fast the classic and much lower powered cars were.
  2. GT AI has always been a bit like that. Better not to think about what you're trying to pass and just be glad that you are in a race where instead of being 20s in front by the first corner you're having to work really hard for the win! You'll appreciate the victory all the more!
  3. Its nice to have a challenge, the biggest challenge was keeping my car in line, but it just doesnt seem right to be in some monster super car that is getting outrun by cars that are less powerful with old technology, cars that are very slow compared to todays standards. Does it make sense to you that the AI driving the more powerful modern Lamborghinis were the ones coming last in the race, behind the 60s and 70s cars, its just ridiculous.

    I love the game, it is amazing and i can overlook its flaws, but that one did get me. along with the difficulty of keeping rear wheel drive cars from constantly doing monster powerslides when you try to drive them fast.
  4. upgrade your tires :)
  5. It doesn't fix the whole point of the thread, the AI being faster in slower less power cars than the AI in modern high powered super cars.

    An over exageration example just to put the point accross

    Car A - Honda Civic Type R

    Car B - Mclaren F1

    Honda wins in a straight line, and can corner at same speed with AI driver. This is the kind of situation i am talking about, though its not quite to that level, there should be a massive performance advantage for the modern car with almost double the power.
  6. Perhaps the old car is fully tuned?

    edit: I just drove the Miura, it is very nice to drive, nicer than the Murcielago for sure! So maybe you are using the wrong car for the event ;)
  7. I always figured that the AI were tuning their cars.
  8. Yea I was about to say maybe the ai upgrade parts on there cars and set it up properly.