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AI Calibration of cars in Blancpain Mod?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by David Cordell, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. The cars in the Blancpain mod are considerably slower on some tracks. I have calibrated individual cars before and it works great but this is the first time trying this with a mod that includes 12 cars. Since the cars are very close to each other in performance, is it ok to run the auto calibration on one of the 12 cars for a particular track and then put that track calibration file in the vehicle folder of the other 11 cars or should I do the process for each car per track which would take a very long time?

    Am I totally off with thinking I could calibrate the McLaren for Spa and then use the same file for the Porsche or would it not work because the Porsche did not create the file?
  2. I wouldn't go this way.

    In RF1 edit the AIW file of the track (I suppose it is the same here), it is easy, change those parameters which describe AI range:
    Then trial and error.

  3. In GSC It is 0.8 , 1.0 and 1.15.
  4. I gave this values as samples, compared to yours they would slow AI.
    You start from the original values of the track you want to adjust and you fine tune them.
    At least that is what I have done in RF1 to many tracks.
    But AI speed is also mod dependent, so your tuning may be fine for one mod but not for an other.