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AI Ability gap

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by grayjonny, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. I'm pretty new to the F1 Sim racing but loving what I've experienced so far although as I am progressing I am finding it hard to correlate the performance difference between AI ability.
    I'm currently in my first season with Force India running everything off bar Traction which is on medium and race line on corners

    When I have AI on intermediate the cars are way to slow I'm lapping a full second up in qualifying and pulling away at 1-2secs a lap in the race so unless I make a massive error there is no race, this was proved at Malaysia where I blew a tyre on the pit straight and managed to complete the lap pit and still come out with a 2 second lead.
    Having moved up to Professional on AI I now have zero race pace and struggle to gain a 12 place now granted this is more realistic but thats quite a jump in AI ability for one rung up the ladder... does it affect my game career if i can't meet the team objectives? or do i just have to keep ahead of Sutil who by the way is totally crap in the game never makes inside top 17

    Anyone out there shed some light on this?
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  2. Do you use any AI mod?! To get offers from bigger teams (STR, Renault or Mercedes in 1st year) you have to complete all your team objectives. You have to do all R&B stuff, you have to be competitive and you have to be better than your teammate. Also... If you are in a good position and you chose as rival a driver from a bigger team, you have to beat him to get an offer from that team. After that I don't know what will happens. In F1 2010, even if you beat your rival, you get a contract for 1 year only. And that because you rep. It's hard to meet team objectives in F1 2010 and get a seat for next year. In F1 2011... I've started more than 10 careers till now and I don't pass Istambul as track. :) So, I cant tell you how is the 2nd year...
  3. Don't worry about race or qual objectives. Just make sure to complete R&D objectives during practices. The way you're playing is the way its meant to be played. You will get offer from one or two tier above teams towards the end of the season or stay with your team and keep improving it through R&D objectives during practices. And after that you should get offer from top tier teams by your 3rd season. You don't have to complete all objectives. The objectives get unrealistic towards the end and really not possible to complete them all unless you exploit bugs or lower difficulty. I failed 8 objectives on my first season.

    And there is a shortcut to get into the top tier team after your first season by choosing your rival and beating him in the standings but it actually ruins the gameplay in my opinion.

    And by the way, try to do away with racing lines and eventually the TC also.
  4. Cheers for the insight bud, I'll keep plugging