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Age of Mythology

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Christopher Aponte, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. since a couple of weeks ago, I installed this old game again on my pc & I forgot how addictive this game is....
    right now it's taking most of my time lol......

    anybody also has this game or played it?
    it's from the same people who made the Age of Empires series
  2. I know the game, but I never played it !! Although I like the gameplay of the "Age Of"-series. Mostly I've played AOE 2 on my PC. Really liked it !!!
  3. I bought it a few weeks ago for five euros (including the expansion), my brother's playing it all the time!
  4. I also bought it for 5 euro's a couple of weeks ago
    the thing was that i have the original/legal expansion pack....but never original version.....only copy of one original (used to play it on a network a lot against 2 friends of mine back then....like 3/4 years ago)

    so reliving old habits again :)
    this game got me so hooked up a couple of years ago that battles went from 10pm to 6 am :)