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After the success of FVA 2010 time to revaluate netkar pro?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Bram, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    So, hopefully people will now finally get netkar pro for that lousy 19 euros and start real racing :)
  2. Yes nKpro is very nice.

    But it NEEDS a share set system... default sets are just too bad to enjoy the sim. :(
  3. CAR


    Some are here (not that many though).
  4. on nKpro RANK you'll find also the current drivers rank track by track and divided by car type
    a great site to put in bookmark ;)

    come on guys, let's became licensed member and jump in at nKpro club here at RD
  5. i have the demo, and waiting for my license :) physics is so different from other sims i play. i'd sure jump on RD nkpro events soon :)
  6. And hopefully those who have a license will also come, last 2 weeks it was only Bjorn and me!
  7. CAR


    I would but you know :)
  8. Sorry but what it means?
  9. it means that here at RD every week we have a nKpro race but to join you have to became a licensed member with an application here filling the fields with your real name/surname/etc
  10. CAR


    Which I still think is a little silly, as it's more info' than is displayed in game, or even on some real racing results (see attached image).

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  11. Hi I'm new here, actually; I'm new to all this sim racing world (I downloaded rFactor a few months ago and netKar pro a week ago).

    The reason I downloaded netKar pro is because of FVA 2010 and after playing netKar I knew that it was the best simulator ever, I might even buy it. I'm still a 'noob' in sim racing (I drive using a keyboard!!!) but I would really like to compete in leagues participate in the community.
  12. and you are in the right place man :D
    let me say you have a really good taste for sim :cool:
    c'mon let's became a licensed member here and have fun with us

  13. Rule 1 is a no go for me.

    I am certainly not a rammer as many can confirm that, but I don't want my hobbies known from anyone.

    You can ban reckless drivers. This "use your real name" is a clear violation of privacy.

    So as it is mentioned in you text I will race somewhere else.

    I could have used a false name, but I won't since I disagree with this policy and I prefer showing my opposition.
  14. I can understand your position but these are the few rules of RD to satisfy
    hope to see you here at RD forum

  15. CAR


    Other leagues:
    GPChampionship (2010 season over)
    Radiators-champ (currently in season)
    netKarPROseries (in German but with English speakers taking part)

    There’s also a Brazilian league but your ping will be too high from Europe.

    Also one of the quickest guys uses keyboard/mouse so that's no excuse :)

    Well people here wonder about the low turnout :p GPC & RSR have a high turnout even though they require full names (as they have a bit of flexibility (and the former allows pseudonyms)). Dunno about the netKar PRO series as I’ve never raced there myself.
  16. Who is he? :p

    Full names please

    In addition, why doesn't RD have a netKar Pro league like these ones. I mean, what makes rFactor and GTR better/more famous than netKar Pro
  17. CAR


    Fox Gek who's currently leading the F2000 rank.

    Both GPC & RSR allow me the use my first initial and surname :)

    Openness to modding’s one thing as netKar PRO only officially released the track editor with v1.1. Obviously ISI and SimBin also have greater distribution too, and nKPro has its problems (slower development/bugs etc.), but in terms of feel it can’t be beaten and even iRacing fans admit to this.
  18. because often the grid is quite empty so it is not possible to give to nK a go in a League ....

    moreover let me say that if a group of at leaast 8 serious RD licensed member will propose a monthly based calendar (tracks and car) I'm sure Bjorn will satisfy them ;) it will not be a league but it will be very very close to it ....
  19. I have missed the last few races here on RD because of a few reasons. The tracks are too few, some like Aosta I really can't be arsed with; Don't like the Abarth and don't race it. There are a few good new tracks out there - Laguna, Spa, Adelaide. We need more variety on an open server to attract more people to race here at RD. One other thing is that GMT is in daylight saving mode in UK/Ire and the races start an hour later than normal - I've missed some races to getting confused between BST and GMT more than once:D
  20. I raced with my full name before RD too, I think it's a totally normal thing. It's much better to see full names on the results table and not silly nicknames! Especially when you're running in a league, it's much more official and feels much better! You enter a club, a friendly community, and that begins with knowing each other's name imo, if you join a club/school/workplace etc irl, the first thing you do is telling your name to everyone! At least in my country that's the habit!

    And it's certainly not RD's rule that makes the low numbers in nKPro events as there are a lot of full events in the GTR Evo club.

    Now who joined the racing club and has nKPro, there is an event posted already for next Wednesday, join up!:)