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after a sleepless night playing im paranoid

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by luxtpm, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. all right basically im dominating the amateur global leader board in the hillclimb raceroom raceway combo, over the night i got first position in every circuit configuration except for the bridge where im 5th(boy that top lap car is 20 km ph faster than mine on 1st straight) and that makes me wonder why im so slow when theres a prize involved being 1.5 or 2 secs behind the top in every competition with a prize and so fast with no price involved

    well in the beginning i was racing all time the same ghost car whose pilot followed an amazing line and myself couldnt be happier but after seeing some other top times with grandnnany horrible lines and ultrafast cars in the straights and slow in the corners with identical amateur setup to mine, well maybe im just paranoid but even paranoids have enemies and i cant understand how with absolutly bad lines they get to the top

    i can imagine it hey :

    bob: hey i can win one hunder bugs so ill set a litle more grip for a number one

    alice: hey i want those one hunderd bugs ill set a litle more speed

    i wont say any names but just check some of the top ghostcars lines and top speed in the 1st straight

    shame i liked simbin cause so far it had been hardly hacked but i dont like this i hope iracing its better

    oh and if any cheater is reading this ill say is pathetic to use cheats and be beaten by a legit guy

    just consider if theres a 0.1% of people who cheat in 10,000 participants guess who will be the top ten who get the prize

    well but i dont complain but expose i bet in real races happen the same

    oh and of course since i got several number one you cant know if im a twisted cheater or im legit, oh god its gonna be a long day i should have got some sleep


    i know how bad this sounds but first im not a sore loser because as i said i beat them, also think that my getting so good position show i know soemthing on piloting lines and can smell a fraud

    basically there are people in the top of the leader board who are total noobs and enter the corner way before time just as a kid or grandnnany would specially after a hard brake on 1st corner


    going on with the paranoia caused by the lack of sleep why simbin offered in the beginning the option in competitition to see top ghost cars but not anymore? i would pay and buy a car to see top lines to learn as many more people would, why they dont want that money as not to sell top ghost lines in competition as they did in the intel chip contest?

    myself after seeing some top ghost and beating them i was wtf what is he driving? and im not the only one as a quick google shows

    cheating is to online game what doping to cycling


    also theres a clear evidence of the hack some people use:

    they brake way softer in full braking straights but have much higher speed on straight even though they left the corner slow, a typical hack is delaying the stop watch which cause this, theyre in acelerated time thats why the brake so soft and are so fast in straights
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Ah right so because you cannot win other people obviously must be using a hack. Typical

    You give the answer already yourself. You are 'dominating' on amateur-level. The faster drivers don't drive amateur level though, they only come down one level to collect the prizes and get real again afterwards as with every leaderboard competition.

    Want to improve your driving? Move a level up.
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  3. thanks for the advice ill try get real next, i think i have a 2nd position in get real but i suck making set ups

    anyway notice that a 0.1% of people hacking would be quite posible, that would be one in a thousand and of course being on the top doesnt mean hacking since i am and im not hacking but certainly hackers would be in the top and drive badly but fast

    i mean i like simbin cause its hradly hacked but ive seen simbin ghosts, 30 seconds faster than everybody else, and thats the people who dont mind being caught cheating the majority would disguise it


    also i think some are using a hack by how bad but fast they drive and besides beat them
  4. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    Why don't you capture (video) the hacks and pass them on to Simbin.
  5. im not sure they mind, in the race series there are still ghosts 30 seconds faster than everybody else and they havent been deleted, as for example in bmw formula


    i remember when i bought formula1 2010 you could for example edit grip with a text editor and compete in the leaderboard, you went to the forum and complain and you had to keep practising to beat them


    the question is what percent of people hacks in games


    well as usual google knows:

    My anecdotal evidence is that between 1 in 30 to 1 in 60 players on big ticket servers are hacking.


    also take into account a cheater is not as harmfull in a fps as in a racing leaderboard

    a ·3% of cheater in a fps will damage your kill death ratio a 3% but a 3% of cheaters in a leaderboard of 10,000 players will on average cope the 300 first position practicing just a couple of thousand km with the exceptions of freaks like me with 20,000 km who can still win with disadvanatge


  6. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    at this moment i dont believe people are running hacks but thats just my opinion , there is always someone faster than you .... thats just life . Are people exploiting the track limits ..... is probably the better question

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  7. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Oh sorry I though I replied to a RaceRoom topic but it seems to be Battlefield 3 related, my apologies.

    Hack on
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  8. Joao Borges

    Joao Borges
    Premium Member

    Think like I do, when someone is insanely fast, blame it on the hardware that you have. :D Seriously, they could be using monitors with better response times, use the best pedals/wheels available, and so on... I use a 32" TV and while it is big and looks nice, I wish it was smoother, I can feel input lag a lot of time. Monitors offer much better response. I'll soon get one once my wallet allows me to.

    I had a G25, I now have a GT3 RS V2, and I'm already quicker. No hack, no cheating, just simply changed hardware. Now I just need a good monitor and a better PC. It could be the hardware. Just my thoughts... :)
  9. undeniable proof simbin sims get hacked as every other game with no consequence:



    also of course simbin racing games is not the same that bf3, we racers are more honorable as you can tell by the lack of crashers on online racing

    thats another theres no future for online racing unless ghost mode in races starts being enforced

    as a matter of fact id say the average age in racing sims is one of the lowest of any genres by my experience
  10. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    there are huge differences between how r3e works and how race 07/rfactor works, as for ghost mode in online racing then thats not racing , how do you defend a line ? cars just drive through you thats all very boring .... in ghost mode your just hot lapping nothing more nothing less ....

    sorry to disagree with you but at present you have shown no proof of any hacking in R3e and the only solution you have offered is well pointless ....

  11. Joao Borges

    Joao Borges
    Premium Member

    The average age is actually much higher in simracing than in most if not all genres. All the hardcore, dedicated simracers I know are above 20 years old. On the other hand, in a shooter, it is very easy to find someone under 20 playing it. No wonder they sell more, they appeal to the young crowd more easily.

    About the hacking, like Andi said, there is no proof. On Race 07, I dont have problems with hacking, I race in private leagues, so no hacking issues there.
  12. Writing them is one thing but i will never understand the fun of playing with hacks ..
    No satisfaction when you win. (for me atleast)
  13. well im not sure if ill go on playing this game, still cheaters tipically suck and not to give it away they have to be cautious, some of the top in amateur have overdone it

    at least this guy drives properly contrary to what i have seen yesterday:

    and if sim bin ever cared for cheating why a ghost car 15 seconds faster than all the rest hasnt been removed from ghosts?

    its like i dont give a fork and what is more important if race series is hacked well racerrom is the continuation of race with a different name and some modification but identical core as for example the ffback setting show or any control setting identical to race07 with just another look


    of course theres no proof a minority hacks raceroom but neithers proof it is not but doubt in hand common sense every game gets hacked and this is a real problem for leaderboards for cheaters will cope the top obviously

    anyone rememebr formula 2010 leaderboard? boy what a joke, in fact people even hack playstations with their pc no platform is safe
  14. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

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  15. The way this intergrates with steam i think its very unlikley you will see hacks very soon .. Allso means no mods though :( There are some exploits like running starts but you will find this stuff everywhere. Since nothing is safe you might aswell stop playing games period ..

    But if you have actual proof of RRRE cheats, please do tell!
    Think its time to grab some sleep m8 ;)
  16. This sort of stuff (accusations of cheating) always happens with on-line hotlapping competitions or leaderboards.
    Let's hope RRE moves into on-line racing soon so that people can enjoy some actual racing in the Sim, rather than the ego battles that hotlapping fosters. :rolleyes:
  17. read this post and had to agree with the above posters but thought I might just google it and see what came up, would seem there is a trainer didn't go to site to check it out not interested in that ****,:mad: hate hackers
  18. well never learn my lesson, you can think whatever you want but you cant say whatever you think

    but hey i have no trouble for in the global leader board im doing pretty good i have a 5th out of 1000 and a 10 out of 3 thousand on get real

    on get real i have an average of 3 tenths of second from the top on competition 1.5 seconds

    anyway ill take simbin cares to protect from cheaters and actually they suck so ill keep playing and even give them some money


    i was wondering what a trainer that someone mentioned was


    apparently as anyone can verify through google you just have to download the illegal raceroom version and it includes a trainer +16, +18, or +40 that i guess is the level of parameter editing

    WHICH IS UPDATED DAILY as they say and if simbin updates monthly well...
  19. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    your opinion is mainly based on race 07 cheaters , all the evidence you have put forward is based on that ... so i can only assume that there is a language barrier stopping you understanding that this is the R3e thread ... as far as im aware there are no hacks being used in the competitions , some unorthodox lines yes , some "getting a run " aswell but as many people have said this is the way with competitions ....

    So unless you have some direct proof of cheating in R3e this conversation is pretty closed ...

    if you want to make it competitive for yourself , that is a challenge , switch to cockpit view use only the actual shifter a car has in real life ; turn off the traction control if the car doesnt have it and run within the white lines .... you may not be first but at least you will know that the time you posted is a true representation of you present skill......

    Its not about winning at all cost its about challenging yourself to be better

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