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After a few patches..

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Amplitude, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. after a few patches it seems they have fixed most of the problems..

    i'm playing with my logitech g27 and really enjoying the game. it's challenging but fun... i have assetto corsa but i never play it. i like this genre, it's much more enjoyable for me. very easy to make a mistake coming out of the pits on cold tires.. the start is much harder.. they AI fight back and try to overtake..

    overall i'd say the game is great. no game will be perfect, but i think they've nailed it. i've played about 35 hours now and have done 25 races on 50%.

    what do you guys think of the game?
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  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Apart from some of the issues, I am enjoying it.

    I've played this game much more than F 2014 already.

    I feel sorry for those that have had issues from the beginning, or didn't have issues but are now getting them because of the patches. It must be very frustrating.

    I hate the console type interface and button confusion. After 6 years they can't support a mouse on a PC, really? When your wheel's buttons are numbered, it's annoying having to press X, Y, and all the other damn console buttons you don't have, and have to work out for yourself.

    I don't like that you can't edit your strategy on the grid, and I would like a few seconds longer to prepare for the race start. I want to bring up the info panel, select my fuel mix, and steady my engine revs before starting, but time is very tight at the moment and you feel rushed. Another 5 seconds to prepare before the lights start the countdown would be a help.

    I have been hit often by the AI, but the better you get to know them, you can avoid most accidents. It is annoying when you have spun out, straightened your car, and an AI comes along a spins you again whilst you are stationary (Monaco/Singapore are prime spots). They seem to ignore yellow flags (and blue sometimes), and just plough through you. They are more competative though, and I have had some great side by battles going through corners/chicanes.

    Overall the patches have improved the game for me (generally), there is more to do, but I am enjoying the game.

    I was going to finish there, but I hadn't mentioned that character faces are absolutely awful. It's like I've been let loose with Photoshop and done the driver images myself, rather than a professional graphic artist. Being a fully FOM licensed game, there is also absolutely no reason why full genuine driver photos cannot be used in the menus and the grid line-out screens. Pathetic effort there IMHO.

    So pretty good generally, with some bad points that need attention. :)

    ...... the best licensed F1 2015 game this year ;) :p
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  3. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    I don't seem to have had a lot of the bugs people have been reporting,apart from the second gear pit exit bug.I rediscovered Assetto Corsa 3 weeks ago so have missed the deadzone bug,so i can count myself lucky.I was enjoying it when I was playing it,the gfx are much improved(the blur doesn't bother me) and the handling and ffb are much better.The AI are more competitive and do put up more of a fight,but the way they spin you out is annoying.But overall I was enjoying it and will enjoy it again once the F1 bug hits again.but when you race the open wheelers in AC,RF2 and GSCE you realize that you get more feel from those sims.But at the cost of a fully working and properly functional career mode,and that is where F1 2015 comes into it's own.:)
  4. Agree with above but still cannot race without ABS on my G27. Just can't get rid of lock ups and wonder if CM will ever fix controller interface for "everyone".
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  5. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I tend to get lock-ups on the 1st lap (G27), but I put that down to cold brakes/tyres.

    Thereafter I don't have a problem ...... unless I've missed my braking point and I'm panicking coolly trying to stop quickly :)
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2015
  6. Agree with you guys! F1 2015 feels a lot better after all these patches! I'm loving it!
  7. Has Anyone noticed that full practice session is back again I'm at p2 now
  8. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Not good ..... you should be P1 :p :D
  9. Hahaha.
    But this is great. Finally full practice sessions are back
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  10. I just have ABS enabled. When I first started playing I was locking up too much. Haven't changed it yet. Should try without ABS now.

    I usually brake softly in some situations.. Just my style of driving.
  11. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    No ABS, I always brake heavy, then gradually reduce the pressure. I rarely lock up, unless I've missed my braking point and left it too late :)
  12. It's playable now. I'm currently on round 9 of a 2014 season with Vettel and enjoying the game more or less. The driving physics are by far the best in the series; I absolutely love driving these cars. The AI is more aggressive but to their detriment, they do not back out of situations when they should. Sometimes they just drive straight into the back of you when you are on the racing line. I have had to resort to turning damage off as they drive like this around other AI too. Look at the incident list after a race, especially a 100% length. I wondered why damage was set to off by default but it's quite obvious why when you see 50 or more incidents in a single race, almost all being collisions. The AI ignore blue flags still in some cases, despite this allegedly being fixed. They brake too early (though it's not as bad as previous games), they're too slow through corners, and it seems to me the game compensates for this by making them a little faster on straights.

    Full quali is flawed; some drivers go out on the wrong tyres. i.e., primes in Q2 for Ricciardo? Really? Numerous times he has not progressed to Q3 because of this. Also, some drivers wait until the very end of sessions and sometimes do not set a time, or set a poor time. i.e. Lewis Hamilton qualifying 7th, or 10th because he did not set a time at all due to going out with like 2 minutes left in Q3.

    I've found a solution to avoid these issues, which is to run short quali. All drivers will go out on the proper tyre in this format, but it's a shame this has to be done to get more realistic quali results when in previous games, full quali worked properly. Also, AI treat each and every lap as a flyer. They do not back off and create space for themselves. Sometimes you will see as many as 8-10 cars bunched up in quali trying to set times. It's ridiculous. It would be fine if it were the race, but it's not!

    Also in quali, I've found that the AI do not run mix 3 and are slower as a result. I was wondering why I continually outqualify Williams and sometimes even Mercedes with 2014 Red Bull Vettel, as well as my teammate by a huge margin (sometimes more than second), and it's due to me running mix 3 while they are on mix 2.

    AI teammates still double stack at pit stops, costing the guy behind huge amounts of time. Such a bug should never have made its way into the final build, but the fact that this and other bugs are still not corrected after more than a month since release is even more absurd. Wake up Codemasters!

    I'm tired of typing. There's more stuff to mention but I'm done. Bottomline: I have fun with the game now, but it still has some inexcusable flaws that hopefully will be corrected.
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  13. Either my settings are wrong or it's a bug (as I suspect), but since day one, if I brake as you describe, it's instant lock up. I can lock up on my G27 at 10% pedal.

    Just in case it is me, would you care to share your Profiler and in game settings for brakes (assuming you are using a Log Wheel?)
  14. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I use to have a Logitech profile (G27) for the game but I deleted it.

    I now use the global profile. When I play a game I select the profile manually for that game. As I don't have a separate F1 2015 profile, the global profile takes priority. The global profile is set up for F1 2015. The downside of this is that the global profile will apply to any game where you don't have a profile for it. However that never happens, because I usually created a profile for an new game.

    I did this because on release my F1 2015 profile was being ignored, anything I tweaked did not effect the game. As soon as I did the global profile to suit the game, the tweaks took effect. This maybe fixed now since there has been 5 patches, but I just left well and good alone :)



    If you don't know how to get to the next 2 settings, click on the throttle and brake pedal images in the Logitech profiler, and select 'Axis Properties', Alternatively click the accelerator and brake text in the bottom left corner of the profiler and make the selection



    Last edited: Aug 14, 2015
  15. Thanks Graham, I will give it a go. :cool:
  16. While the handling/physics are undeniably the best in the series so far and a game that you can just pick up and play is "seductive", it's just not enough for me.

    It's a good first impression, but ultimately i want depth, and F1 2015 just doesn't satisfy this, the search for tenths of a second.

    FFB is just not good enough imo, either you have the wheel too heavy or you have a lot of deadzone, and while i can catch oversteer now, still feels quite numb in terms of small movement.

    And of course with an all around improvement of the handling the areas that are still arcady (curbs and grass pretty much unchanged in behaviour) taste more sour IMO.

    Good pick up and play romp but not "marriage" material honestly.