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After 2 computers

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ben Tusting, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. ...
  2. question is what kind of work?
    actual heavy work (autocad)
    or just office stuff to surf the internet mail?
  3. If you get the PC hardware you could go for Linux (Ubuntu). It also has almost all stuff included and it's free.
  4. Just office stuff (emails, Word, Excel, Internet) That kind of stuff

    I always thought Macs were expensive and not as powerful as a computer.
  5. the macs you pointed are really expensive for just those things...give me an hour and I will try to come up with something for you
  6. :)

    In Some ways they don't even need to be the new I series as a Quad Core still runs fast
  7. yeah I know...I have something specific in mind...
    just give me 1 hour...(as I'm doing some testing right now :))
  8. Not trying to hurry you at all :D
  9. Ubuntu includes Open Office compatible with MS Office. As for mail you can use Mozilla Thunderbird. Also free.

    Best of all, Ubuntu don't require as powerful PC as Windows.
  10. Looks a bit meh :)

    How fast would that be? (not be cheaper to build the computer myself?)
  11. not that fast
    not gaming fast, but not celeron slow

    in between

    especially the second is really not for gaming
  12. ok some point on yes or no or other (and I might have a better idea)

    gaming (occasional on low resolution low/medium setup or old games)?
    how many hours will it stay on on average?
    what is possible budget?
    monitor also?
    keyboard mouse speaker?
    software also?
    place of a bit room/desk or just pile the system on each other to create more place?
  13. At the moment we have 2 mac's(Titanium laptop and a swivel head Mac)
    Which werrrrr a lot of time(Very slow).
    Computers will be used from 8 - 6 everyday apart from weekends
    No Gaming at all
    Budget would be the same price as the mac (Top post per computer)
    Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse ,Wireless Card, Speaker (Unless it's a tv not a monitor = speakers not needed)
    Software = windows 7, Microsoft office

    The computers want to be fast ( like my computer = Q6600)
    Don't really want a huge case but if the computer is fast then it doesn't matter as much
  14. you do mind form factor of the motherboard / case to be small...and a wireless connection on it?
    I have an idea that might work :)

    stupid question....working on it :)
  15. after some digging (from misco uk site) I came with the first alternative :)
    small/compac with some punch :)

    Case: Antec NSK 24800

    Motherboard: Zotac ItX motherboard

    Onboard graphics card (Nvidia 9300) & Wireless

    Processor: Core 2 Quad 9400

    Ram: Kingston PC6400 2 x 2GB DDR2

    HD: Western Digital Black 640GB

    Keyboard/mouse: Logitech MX3200 cordless laser

    Monitor: Samsung P2370

    Speaker: Logitech Z230

    Total price (without delivery cost) £796.13

    I might keep searching around of change some things....will see...but this is a good base :)
  16. Personally I would get one of those Rigs you shown Ben in your first post, for the purpose they need to be used for they will be perfect. i3 / i7!
  17. true to actually what Damian said
    only I would not go with seagate (prefer samsung or WD harddrives)
  18. Ye Samsung are on top now in terms of HDD :D