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advice re wheel upgrade please!

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Richard Morrison, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Hi all ... the time has come to upgrade my basic "starting" wheel (a TM Ferrari GP Experience which provided a massive 3 months of service before the paddles packed up and stopped working!). So I'm looking for some advice and opinions. I'm playing only on a pc (not a serious simmer but I enjoy my hour or so a day I can grab!) and F1 2013 exclusively. So my choices are the TM T100 FF, Logitech Driving Force GT with paddles upgrade from granturgismo.com or at an extreme stretch financially the Logitech G27. I would probably go with the DFGT if it wasn't for the negative reviews of the pedals, the TM T100 is attractive (especially price wise) but having had reliability problems with my present wheel I'm unsure as to its build quality. The G27 is damned expensive and I really don't need, and will probably never use, the separate shifter and clutch pedal, but it seems to be a great wheel and maybe more importantly, pedal set. The G27 would cost me almost exactly €100 more than the DFGT/paddle upgrade with the T100 coming in about €130 cheaper than the G27. One thing I actually do like about my GT Experience is the 4 way switch for tyre selection/fuel selection etc and I don't think the G27 has this?
    Decisions decisions!!! ..... and any help/advice would be much appreciated.
  2. I'm looking to get a Logitech driving force Pro as my first wheel personally, though from what I've seen you could only get it off the logitech site.
  3. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I have both the DFGT Pro and the G27.

    The DFGT Pro was the first wheel I used (apart from years ago I had an Saitek R440, now in the rubbish dump). I also updated the DFGT with the Turgizmo paddles.

    I didn't think that the pedals on the DFGT were that bad, not great but not bad, I certainly had no problem with them. For the casual user I think that the DFGT is a great wheel, and has lot's of nice buttons on the wheel, including the DPAD which is the 4-way switch you were on about (actually it's 8-way) :)

    That DPAD is available on the G27, but it is on the gearbox console, not the wheel. The G27 has 6 buttons on the wheel plus the paddles, and the gearbox module has 8 buttons plus the DPAD. Obviously the pedals are much better than the DFGT, and you have a clutch pedal, not just the brake and throttle.

    If I remember correctly, the DFGT has one motor and the G27 has two.

    Bear in mind that you could start off with the DFGT, and buy separate pedals later if you wish.

    One quick goggle search brings up plenty of DFGT's for sale, except the prices are higher than they used to be at £125. You used to be able to get them for about £90 in a few places.

    Dabs have them, and they are a reliable company
  4. thanks for the replies .... I live in France and amazon.fr have the DFGT for a reduced price of 112.47€ with free delivery at the minute, the paddles add about 30€ to that. They sell the G27 for 249€. It is a bit of a minus that the G27 has so many of its buttons on the gearbox console as I won't be using that. Thanks for the experience of the pedals too - I'm actually fine with the pedals on my cheap GT Experience so I would assume the DFGT's are no worse and probably better than those. I'm veering towards the DFGT .... !!

    and yeah, Dabs is a great company, I used to buy nearly all my stuff from them when I lived in the UK.