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Advice please

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Steve O'Malley, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. My Iracing subscription has expired and I've not renewed it as lately I have lacked the enthusiasm to put in any decent practise and am not inspired enough to really race anything.

    I have been watching the development of AC and wondered if its a good time to buy.

    Basically, what will I get for my eu34.99?

    Are there online races? Are corners cutters penalised? Are there any time trials or practise events that are worth competing in?

    Any advise welcome, thanks in advance
  2. Bear in mind AC is only at 0.30 release. Its not as complete as iracing as yet because its not meant to be complete, its still being worked on.

    However IMHO there is noting out there at present to touch AC in terms of value for money in terms of tracks, cars, open app development structure and update release schedule (new update every 2 weeks). Unlike iRacing you wont lose everything when you stop paying. When you buy you keep.

    Even at 0.30 you get more cars & tracks than iracings basic 99 dollar per year package & you'll likely get more & more cars & tracks with every new update. All for 35 euro. What can we get for 35 euro in the sim world. A low end gear knob maybe? Its also more frugal on hardware than PCars so in the longer run I won't have to spend more on hardware to keep playing. Its the question of total cost of ownership for me & AC wins hands down.

    I have a regular job (I'm Irish, theres not many going & I plan on keeping it) and other commitments. I don't have the time to make a so-called 'career' racing in a game. I love racing but love doesn't pay the bills. I want to be able to play when I want/can play. AC will give me that.

    AC doesn't as yet have online play or AI, its coming. Just my opinion but I've never seen a dev team in simming as responsive to their early adopters as Kunos. To me its frankly a no-brainer. For 35 euro, go for it.
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  3. As Juris said, AC is currently an early access beta, so is very incomplete as far as features go. Currently it's just the cars and tracks with no AI or multiplayer, but we are getting new content and featured every two weeks and expect to get the multiplayer and AI , at least in beta form, fairly soon.

    Currently all there is to do is hotlap and there's a great live timing/ranking site http://www.radiators-champ.com/RSRLiveTiming/index.php to compete against fellow racers laptimes.

    There are indeed corner cutting measures in all but practice mode, so like iRacing it invalidates any illegal laps.

    One thing it has over iRacing... the cars are all an absolute dream to drive...the physics are on another level.

    If you're happy to jump in at this early stage and are aware of its current limitations then i couldn't recommend it highly enough.
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  4. Buy now and save 33%, then every two weeks you get new content. When 1.0 is out you get Spa(with historic course) and I think 2 cars(SLS) for free, which was at first planned as an addon.

    Best 35€ you can ever spend, and as Stuart said the physics are on a different level altogether.
  5. +1 exactly what Juris and Stuart said!
  6. I have a current iRacing subscription but, not enough time to take advantage of it in any competitive way. AC will allow me to play against AI for those times when my time is very limited while enjoying excellent physics and FFB, graphics and more. AC will also offer mods and greater customization. The main areas where iRacing has the advantage currently is in the online system (AC's is unknown ATM) , user-base, and sounds. In time, AC should be competitive - if not better - in most areas.
  7. Just to add to my last post....

    As the OP was an iRacing member, then really AC is well worth purchasing, even if it never evolved beyond exactly what we have now. for the price of a couple of iRacing tracks you get plenty of cars and tracks and to be honest it's worth the 40 bucks just to hotlap in.
  8. That's the best 35 bucks spent if we see AC from an iRacing perspective. Don't hold on for a minute, take everyone's advice and get it asap.
  9. Turk


    At the moment AC feels like the next NetKar Pro in that it's just driving a car on track (AC doesn't have online yet so I guess NKP has that over AC, for now). If you played and enjoyed driving in NKP you will love the driving in AC. It's fun to drive them even if you've no one to race against at this stage.

    Once they add in AI, the career and multiplayer it will more than likely be the best sim on the market.
  10. Thanks chaps, bought it last night will hopefully have a play around with it tonight.
    Are there any regular car/track combos that RD guys set hotlaps on, maybe on a weekly basis, and post their results. Cant seem to see a thread covering it.
  11. Get the RSR Timing App (see mods section) then you can hotlap away and see how you stack up against the other people who use the app.
  12. Thank Paul, I got that already.

    First impressions, I am by no means fast, in fact positively slow, but after all this time just doing IRacing, it is fantastic to be able to drive a car where you actually feel like you are in control and if you slide or skid you still have a chance of salvaging something.
    I had a brief go of the Abarth single seater which seems like a lot of fun and so much more driveable than the IRacing Star Mazda. Ive been really pleased with it so far.
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  13. Glad you're happy so far Steve. That's the great thing about AC..it just feels right when you jump in and first start playing it, and as you get more hours in with each car it just keeps on giving :)

    There's a depth to the car physics here i just haven't felt in any other sim. It's gloriously addictive.
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  14. Chris James

    Chris James

    That sums it up for me too. Since I've been hotlapping in Assetto Corsa, I can't bring myself to renew my iRacing subscription. AC's physics totally spoiled it for me, and unless iRacing works some miracles with NTM5, I can't go back. And that, my friend, is the only reason why I regret buying Assetto Corsa. I absolutely cannot wait until 1.0 becomes available with AI and multiplayer.
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  15. I would say get it now. Even if you don't make full use of it in it's current state, when the full game comes out you will have paid today's discounted price for it. Win, win.

    As you oviosuly already have some iRacing content, there's nothing stopping you in future of taking advantage of their 3 months for the price of 1 offers every now and again and then having both sims as an option to run.
  16. Download the RSR Timing App and hotlap against all other RSR app users.

    You can also see the hottest car/track combo's of folks running the RSR Timing app here - http://www.radiators-champ.com/RSRLiveTiming/index.php?page=hottest_combos
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