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Advice please

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Steve O'Malley, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Am looking to buy another driving game for the xbox having spent the last month or so playing F1 2010.
    Dirt 2, WRC or RBR are the obvious choices.

    I really enjoy time trial in F1 and competing with other times posted. Does RBR, or the other 2 have this leaderboard system?

    Thanks in advance
  2. 19 views but no answers. Surely some of the people viewing this forum must have the game, which presumably means they would know if this feature is on it, but no answers.
  3. RBR is not available for the 360, nor has it any kind of built-in online. I'd say go with DiRT 2 if you have to, I was REALLY disappointed with WRC, but I'm still planing to buy DiRT 2 someday (prices, fall) despite it not being perfect.
  4. Thanks for your help. Any other driving games that you might recommend?
  5. For xbox I would go Dirt 2. I have played the demo of the WRC game and like Dirt 2 better even if it has way too much truck and buggy racing. :) I believe both have demos on the martketplace if you want to try them.

    Forza 3 is the best driving game for xbox if you do not have that already, and for something not really sim, but looking really cool is the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited 2.
  6. Do you HAVE to use the Xbox for a driving game? I've personally not found a good driving game for the Xbox and only a couple for playstation. I'd say don't bother, sell the Xbox and ANYTHING you have that is F1 related, and spend your time in the wonderful world that is RBR...................... No, really, thats what i'd do;)
  7. I use it because its convenient and ive got the wheel and pedals and a seat thing too and it plays through an HD projector on a 2m screen so i dont really want to give all that up. However, I dumped my PC earlier this year and got a Mac and after reading a few of these forums it may be time to install windows and try RFactor or RBR or some of these other games
    Thanks for the advice.
  8. Wheel (if it's any good) will work with a PC, seats tend to be compatible too. No dedicated 360 projectors either :].

    Also I'd give Forza 3 a shot if I were you. Myself I'm a PS3 owner waiting for GT5 (less than 2 weeks now! :p), but if I had an Xbox I wouldn't be myself not owning the FM3.
  9. Guys, I have a question on the RBR!!

    Basically, it is while running the game if I had to pause & do Alt+Tab or sometimes, if some other window opens on its own & puts the RBR into the background & when I wanna return to the game, the screen goes black & will be forced to restart the game..

    My question is that, if there is a way to resume the game without restarting, cos this can affect an online rally as I will be forced to quit the stage..

    Any solution to this, if any please help me...
  10. The only way is to switch to windowed mode. Open RichardBurnsRally.ini, and put Fullscreen = false
  11. I have a problem along the same lines as Ashok talked about above.

    In the last 2 Championship rounds I have had my game minimize itself mid-stage (still not sure what is doing that), but of course when the game is restored the screen is just black and so I've been forced into two frustrating and costly stage DNFs. Offline I run the game in windowed mode and so seem to avoid this problem, but whenever I compete in a public session the game seems to default back into fullscreen mode. So my question is does anyone know of a way to force RSRBR to use windowed mode in online sessions?
  12. I haven't found an answer to this one yet. I also run off-line in windowed mode, but it reverts to full screen in on-line events.
    Maybe it is worth asking the question at RallyeSim since RSRBR is their program. :confused: