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Advanced HUDs

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by QuadCoreMax, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    Was wondering who owns the best HUD layouts for Racer, I'm doing some testing with linear types & playing basically with overlaying/blended transparencies to get something that would look awesome ! :rolleyes:

    Placing the 2D objects is still painful as Ruud states, but I'm 'simulating' the whole in Illustrator, from my first testings, it works quite good & I've boosted my HUD creation progress.

    Hopefully, that isn't like Shift modding where we (crowrobot NoGrip.com) use to hex edit the whole with the existing content/objects we had by default....

    Was also thinking to bring/port the Drift HUD from Shift 1 + the new telemetry graphical HUD tool of Shift 2 inside Racer...Anyone else with cool ideas ?
  2. What have you done so far, any screens? :p
  3. For example, the Shift FXX Hud contains rpm bars from 0 to 12000 rpm slightly curved across the texture that I'd like to interpolate from green to red.

    I quickly checked it in Shift, yes they don't interpolate thru color (it's just yellow in this case).
    What I had in mind was, to get some transparency on the final merged layered texture just to be able to see what's underneath, but after some testing, I can't recommend it. That's why the FXX Hud isn't alpha layered.

  4. The bars on that would be a lot easier to imitate if they weren't on the base texture, just generated programmatically to match a curve. I could probably whip up something like it with some playing around and had the backing texture to hand, plus the digital textures.
  5. And finally with a satisfying 'glass looking alpha F1 HUD' :


    What I want to achieve is to make the RPM bar (the green-red gradient bar) glow til that 'actual' RPM value. I have some ideas with masking techniques (a alpha box with the same HUD width) but I can't tell if that's gonna looking OK...that's because I'm dealing with transparencies.

    All that stuff makes me remember the older times when I use to script/create graphical stuff in Flash...

    Another related question, for the 3D dials, I have a F1 steering wheel with 3 LCD on it which I'd like to set up...From my understanding, there's no way of getting dials on moving objects like steering wheels ?

    If this is true, then we might need a variable inside views.ini to indicate which 'dof' we attach to the actual 'moving' 3D dials...:redface: Thx in advance !