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Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by GizmoPower, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Adrianville.jpg
    Very Beta with q-errors included. Needs a lot of work still. Finishing of roads, tunnel, changing lot´s of images and cleaning up!
    Just a prieview of a track I am working on.
    And hey, the first WIP track here on Racedepartment! :D

  2. I'll take a look and make my usual comments. It's a bit big, 30 meg download takes about 17 minutes on my DSL connection.
  3. Yes I know it´s big. I need to clean the folder. There is a lot of unused stuff in there! I will clean up when I get the chance and replace it.
    Edit: On my DSL it takes 20 sec.
  4. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    THX dude!
    15sec. dl time ;)
  5. Hey, this is great track. Lot of driving. Great job!
    I had also 15 sec download time.
  6. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Great Track! Lots of fun to Fly over the Bridge ;)
    Z8-Air.jpg Z8-Air1.jpg
  7. Testing in a few minutes. This track actually finished off Raven like a boxer finishes his enemy off. It seems it can't cope with my car and track compilation anymore (Listindex exceeds maximum) :D


    Holy Crap, nice track. Missing some scenery like trees and stuff (and a long mountain road *hint hint*) but it's actually really nice to drive on. Too bad we do not have reverb for tunnels (did I say I like the long tunnel?

    Edit 2 .: Because I felt like it i made a spline, note you have to turn left at the roundabout (you go there twice) when you enter and leave left at the first opportunity again.

    Also I did not upload it here cause the upload seems to fail for opera 9.10


    (mental note - find another host, filefront does not meet my needs after the relaunch anymore... :( )
  8. adrianville Qlog errors:
    [racer/3348] QImage ctor: can't load 'data/tracks/adrianville/preview.tga'
    [racer/3348] No preview.tga image for adrianville track; please make one.
    I can give you instructions. could also use a loading image.

    [racer/1348] d3LoadTextureMap(); can't load 'road1pave.jpg'; creating red/blue stub image
    [racer/1348] Material 'road1pave' of geode 'data/tracks/adrianville/pavement.dof' failed to load image 'road1pave.jpg'
    Add image to folder or delete from dof

    Shouldn't the name in track.ini be adrianville instead of Ajoined?

    The "cache" folder s/b deleted, makes the download a bit smaller, it'll be regenerated the first time the track is run.

    Needs a big ground plane under the track to block the back ground and adjust the skybox, or make ground objects to block background.
    Needs splining, but where do we go with that, what route?

    EOD, send your spline to Gizmo and perhaps he will post it.

    Fun course, lots of exploring to do, great highspeed tunnel. Like the moveables!
  9. I really enjoy this map, great wide roads for having fun :)
  10. Not had any problems with them myself. Upload speed is the fastest of any site for me and download speed matches MediaFire, RapidShare or wherever.
  11. Nice track Giz, would be even better with some CG and real sky though :)

    You're making the mistake that I made though, the track ends up so big that it just gets too complex to work on..yup, I speak from experience, have 3 tracks here (one 23km long, modelled from Google Earth - ouch) partly finished that just got too big to work on. good luck though, looks like it'll be great if you stick with it.

    BTW, don't know if you found out already but when you're creating tracks, camera fly mode (shift+F) is great - gives you more the sort of view that you'd get in a game map editor, you can fly around like a bird. MUCH easier for placing small objects and shaping the ground :)

    EDIT: LOL, why do my posts keep appearing in the wrong order? :D
  12. Tanx boomer541 Yes the name should off course be Adrianville! As said before there is a lot of work still to be done. I am doing some more ground objects and terrain.
    You found the movables!! Those where just for testing, planning on adding more stuff. Great feature!
    I will work more on this track from time to time, but I must say that I am working slow! :D
  13. I don't know if this makes sense that early, since the tracks layout could change slightly. If he wants to add it he can simply download it, I don't want to be asked for permission for something simple as a dumb spline ;)

    I'll rephrase that, after the "relaunch" it actually lost all the features I really thought where great (ability to create groups for it to download, so people could only download it being in a group - was great if I wanted to share some "beta" stuff, ability to write descriptions and load images ...). So it's no use for me personally anymore, other than for uploading some irrelevant small files like this spline.


    Doing some AI lines for the Track now cause I'm bored out of my mind... might release them later today
    Currently done:
    Carrera GT (the one from T-Shine) Laptime: ~3:36
    Lamborghini Murcielago Laptime: ~3:46

    There you go, just smack the ai folder into this tracks folder (however you named it)
  14. Well I took a spin on this track yesterday, quite a nice track so far. Can't wait for the final product :)
  15. I figured out how to download the splines and ai files, thanks. I'll give 'em a try!
  16. Nice track, great variety, lots of surprises. Think it will be great when it is finnished. About size, I split my tracks into smaller pieces and work on them only untill I am satisfied, then I rejoin it to the rest of the pieces. That way I can focus on one part at a time, and make it as perfect as possible without getting distracted by the rest. Works great, and I work alot faster that way. Loading is faster, the area is smaller, and there are less objects to pay attention to. :)
  17. EOD,
    Ejoied your splines and ai files they work very well and are a good addition to this fun track!
  18. Nice work the AI and the splines work good too thanks.

    A nice track like this just deserves a few screenies so here goes :p

    taken in version 0.8.8 with default lighting eRrrr.. and the infamous mdbobbo helicopter code on the last shot, the first three are from street cams
    ; mdbobbo's helicopter code ...
    ; Mass of helicopter
    mass=47 ; mdbobbo was 200
    ; Spring constant to pull heli above car
    k=246 ; mdbobbo was 1
    ; Damping to keep helicopter from overshooting car location
    damping=260 ; mdbobbo was 10
    ; Height of heli (avoid going to high for clipping and rendering speed)
    height=2.4 ; mdbobbo was 50
    ; Lens
    fov=75 ; mdbobbo was 50
    ; show_dials_2d=1 ; mdbobbo attempting to show dials in helicopter view
    ; end of mdbobbo's code replaces and marks original "helicopter"code in Racer.ini file

    Attached Files:

  19. Uhh! Thats worth a look! Tanx for the tips Tiberius! :D