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Adobe Premier Elements 9 - need some help.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hampus Andersson, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. I want text to be motion tracked so it looks like it´s actually on the racetrack but i haven´t figured out how to do this, just how to get clip arts but i need text for this.

    It´s a promo/trailer i´m working on, PM or reply here if you know how to do this, thanks!
  2. Hey, I recommend looking for a program called "Boujou"... I use it for my Call of Duty montages and many others use it as well. It tracks text as perfectly as possible. Here's a tut my friend FigR made:
    It explains it pretty well.

    Hope this helps ^_^ If you don't want to go through all that work and are fine with just average results I know how to do what you want with Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects, but I don't know anything about Adobe Premier.
  3. Ok thanks, i think i might have it solved but the tracking system is pretty much crap in Adobe Premier..

    I might have to get one of the above mentioned programs to get it perfect, thanks again!
  4. No problem, also I don't know how you feel about torrenting, but I know you can get Sony Vegas and AAE free for 30 days from their sites on trial if you just want to do that.
  5. Thanks i´ll figure something out. Might get Adobe After Effects to stay on the Adobe train. (makes things easier in terms of navigation and learning the program)

    Downloaded After Effects yesterday and it works perfectly with motion tracking.
  6. Got it to work now!

    Used After Effects. Works brilliantly.
  7. Looks great, I could never get it to track that nicely with either AAE or Sony Vegas :p What are you planning on doing with this? Also if you need any more help with anything just give me a shout, I know a lot about video editing :)
  8. The plan was to create promo videos for my Cadillac series and Mclaren Spec Series (iRacing)
    But since we got the Caddy yesterday and the Mclaren still isn´t here i could not really do what i wanted.

    But in general i just want to play with text in the video so it looks like it´s actually "in" the video :)
    Been looking at a few templates for intros and some are just breathtakingly good :)

    Thanks i will probably send a few PM´s from time to time then :)
  9. Chris, just how much do you know? Can you make custom templates and other stuff?
    Like intros or promos etc?
    I want to get my own personal intro on my channel but also a promo for the Mclaren series.

    It won´t be until a month or two that i need it but let me know if you know this stuff and if you want to do it.
    If you have anything i can look at as well that would be great, thanks.
  10. I know a fair amount about AAE and Vegas, but most intros are made with 3DS Max or Cinema 4D which I know almost nothing about. If you're looking for an intro there's a million and one free ones you could find on YouTube and there are even some templates depending on what you're looking for. What exactly are you looking for in an intro/template? If you let me know I could help you out with them.
  11. The thing is my trial has gone out now with AE and i realized i used it three times or so.
    Probably won´t buy it because of that.

    True, however i think you can do certain stuff within AE although not 3d models or so but other things like this below,

    Basically a plugin and some other things but mostly it´s AE all the way.

    Yea there´s a load of different templates, free and not free ones but i felt nothing really captures the essence of racing.
    I´ve tried to make contact with a few but i have never gotten a response from them.

    And i realized we racing fans are a special breed. It would be like going to the dentist to get brain surgery so i thought hey, 130.000 members here, one of you must know this stuff :)

    I really have nothing mapped out yet but for an intro it would be cool to use something similar to the video above, maybe synced with the music and some form of symbolism like a wheel rim drawn out of that or whatever.
    Really it´s blank in my head now and i´m not the most imaginative person so i tend to rely on others coming with ideas then work with that.
    Song i haven´t chosen yet but maybe something along the lines of Aqua Vitae - Future World Music but the first 10 seconds or so.

    And i wanted to make something of a promo but that can be more freely done as the text in the promo will promote the series.
  12. Well how about this: collect your thoughts about what it is exactly you want and maybe fill me in a bit more about what you want this promo to promote. An intro for a channel would look like something you posted above, but if you want to work on a promo you want it all to look smooth and make it looks like everything belongs in the place it's in.

    That would be what I mean by making it "flow", I didn't just throw in two intros I made sure they were short, sweet, and made the point I wanted without just being thrown in there.

    You said earlier this is for iRacing which I've experimented recording stuff in so I can provide a bit of help there. Hopefully the MP4-12C will be released soon too :(
  13. The promo i think we would have to wait with either way because of the car not being here yet.

    But the intro, 10 seconds long and everything in it "abstract" if that makes any sense.
    And if possible something similar to my youtube channel www.youtube.com/GeneralRushHour