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Adjustment for camera vibration?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Steve Emmons, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. Is there a way to adjust the amount of camera vibration/motion when driving? I don't know what this feature is called, but it's used to simulate bumps, road vibration, etc. Sometimes it's too much for me and I would like to turn it down a bit. I'm using the nosecam view.
  2. Yep, there is, in visual settings there is a cockpit camera movement option, turn it down to 1% (earlier 0% caused sometimes stucked leaning picture after a banked corner, dunno if it is still the case, so i use 1% personally)
  3. You said you were using Nose cam and I cant find the lines for that but for anyone using Cockpit and finding the vibration too much then here is a fix.

    Go to UserData/your player/your playerPlr and change these lines

    Cockpit Vibration Mult1="0.00000" // Primary vibration multiplier affects eyepoint position (base magnitude is in VEH or cockpit file)
    Cockpit Vibration Freq1="0.00000" // Primary rate of vibration affects eyepoint position (higher framerates allow higher rates)
    Cockpit Vibration Mult2="0.00000" // Secondary vibration multiplier affects eyepoint orientation (base magnitude is in VEH or cockpit file)
    Cockpit Vibration Freq2="0.00000" // Secondary rate of vibration affects eyepoint orientation

    Not sure if it will work for Nose cam but you could give it a try.
  4. Thanks Dave,

    That really helped me also
  5. Thanks. I think it may have helped, but I'm going to have to do some more comparisons to make sure it's not just wishful thinking.:)

    Just to make sure I'm not missing something, are there any other camera views? What I would really like is a hood/bonnet view like in Race 07 so that I can see the front of the car. It's too easy with the nose cam to misjudge the distance and hit the car in front of you.
  6. You can toggle cockpit/hood/nose-view with 'insert'-key.
  7. I didn't see a hood view, only a nose/cockpit/swingman...
  8. Oh, I guess it may differ from mod to mod. For example in F1MMG its cockpit/nose and above cockpit, in Historic GTTC its cockpit/nose and hood.
  9. rF camera controls:

    These are the defaults. Bear in mind that specific mods may not have views that neccessarily correspond to, for example, what you would describe as 'hood':
    Insert: Cockpit, Hood ("TV Cam"), Nose
    PgUp: Swingman
    PgDown: Track cams
    End: Track cam static (use movement keys)
    You can also position a camera anywhere on the car; to do this, bind the following controls (displayed here with my binds):
    U: Enable Free move
    LShift: Cam Move Slow
    W: Move Forward
    A: Move Left
    S: Move Backward
    D: Move Right
    E: Move Up
    Q: Move Down
    X: Zoom In
    Z: Zoom Out

    Unfortunately, once you've set that up, it won't persist across hitting Escape, but it's useful for little FOV tweaks for example nonetheless.
  10. Thanks Jamie that's a huge help! I still need to do some more tweaking to get my final settings though. By using either cockpit or tv cam with FOV adjustments I can get pretty close to what I'm looking for. The seat adjustments help with cockpit, but I still can't seem to get rid of all the jitter. Maybe because I have everything set to 0. And, I'm also liking TV Cam if I can get the heighth lowered a bit.

    BTW, I like your camera key mappings. Some fps work on the side, eh?

    Thanks Jens. I'm working with F1MMG right now and am still getting squared away with rFactor.

    Thanks all!
  11. Just a follow-up...

    There's a setting named "Head Physics" in the plr file which works absolute wonders for cockpit vibration. It does exactly what's needed. Currently, I have all Dave's suggested settings = 0 and now also Head Physics = 0. A night and day difference. Now, I think I can probably add back some movement for fine tuning.

    Thanks again everyone for all the ideas...
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