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Adjusting paint gloss of converted mods

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Billy Pilgrim, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Hi
    I've been converting rF1 mods using Grumbel's tool. It's been working great.

    I've got a problem with a couple of converted mods though - the NSX mod and the Corvette C6 2012. With both of those mods, the conversion worked perfectly except for one thing: in both mods the cars have a very matte finish which I doubt was the case in the original rF1 mod.

    Does anyone know what the fix for this could be?
  2. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    You'd need to look at the alpha channel as the gloss could be pretty much controlled from there.

    White would pretty much be a chrome finish, whilst black would be a flat matte finish.
  3. Thanks a lot for the reply.

    I'm totally new to modding so I need to check:
    You mean that I'd have to open the .dds file of each car, then edit the dds file in paint.net (or Photoshop), yes?

    "White would pretty much be a chrome finish, whilst black would be a flat matte finish."
    I don't understand why the finish would be different for different colours. Shouldn't I just have the same finish for any colour?

    I had another thought about how to fix this:
    Supposing that the gloss levels are correct in the original rF1 version of the mod, could I just take the .dds files from the original rF1 files (i.e. before converting) and use those to overwrite the dds files in the converted version?
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  4. Paint.net is really crappy with alpha channels. Yes technically you should be able to just swap the .dds over but if it has the same issue then you have to go in and mess with the alpha channel.
  5. Thanks a lot for the reply.

    I'll try just using the original dds files then.
  6. I tried swapping over the original rF1 dds files: didn't work.

    Perhaps I'll have to change the alpha channel in Photoshop.

    But I'm surprised that the originals of the NSX mod and the Corvette C6 2012 (both by Niels, I think) weren't properly glossy as both those mods are absolutely excellent and have been done with great attention to detail and care.

    Anyone else managed to convert the NSX mod and the Corvette C6 2012 mod with glossy finishes?
  7. I have this problem as well. The only way i fixed it was to copy over shared folder from the original rfactor mod. but this messes up all of the other cars in the game. It pretty much reverses it. the corvette is glossy and all the other cars are flat. its a shame really because this is an excellent mod. the cars sound and handle great and the interior is one of the best ive seen in rfactor mods.
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  8. Thanks for your reply. It's interesting. Your solution is do-able. Great!
  9. I've tried it out - it worked. Thanks @Jok3sta

    Now I've just got to swap around Shared folders if I want to use the Corvette CR6 (or the NSX) or switch back to everything else. It's not much hassle.

    However, one problem I noticed was that it was only mod tracks (the few I tried, that is) that would load properly with the CR6 / NSX rF1 original files; if I tried to load an original Reiza GSC track, it wouldn't load.

    The NSX and CR6 mods are indeed excellent mods.
  10. no problem, glad it worked out for you. as far as the tracks go. Im not sure. Since the cockpit view of the corvette was so good, I didnt mind the flat exterior so i kept the shared folder untouched.
  11. Since the 1.2 updates, the NSX and Corvette are now all nice and shiny (without needing to swap around the Shared folder). That's good. However, the conversion I did of V8Factor Unleashed (Aussie V8s) has now lost its shine since the 1.2 updtaes, which is a pity 'cos that mod looked, and handled great. There's now a problem (I don't think this was a problem before 1.2, but I may be wrong) with both the NSX and the Corvette: at the end of the first lap all the AI go into the pits and then come back out. Have you seen this same problem?

    Know of a fix?
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  12. Good call. Works great with 1.2. I can't help with the A.I. problem though sorry
  13. I fo
    I found a fix for the shine in most if not all converted cars. They work for all my mods so far and doesnt affect any other mod. My wheel is out of commission so I've had some time to play around with different files. When I get home from work tonight I'm going to upload a zip with all of the files needed.
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