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Adjusting AI difficulty after championship start

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Ryan Hieronymus, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Simple question: How do I change AI difficulty after a championship has started? Say I want to adjust difficulty between qualifying and the race, or between tracks. Thanks!

    P.S. - Bonus question! How do I adjust session times, to make Practice and qualifying shorter? I'm fairly familiar with editing files, but it's been a long time, and I'm a little lost.
  2. For overall AI difficulty after championship has started, go to the CCH file and look for the quick AI difficulty setting. There could be more than one season listed so carefully Scroll down the file till you see your championship.

    You cannot leave the game to adjust difficulty between qualifying and race, as the game has a bug, it will not save your qualifying position if you leave the game after qualifying. If anyone knows a way round this it would be good to know.

    BUT you can do your practice sessions, and then leave the game to edit difficulty.

    To edit qualifying and race pace separately - for example, if you want qualifying to be more difficult than the race, go to the track aiw file. Look for the lines

    You can edit the worst mid best figures, or just the qual and race ones.
    In the above example, the cars should be quicker than usual in quaifying, but normal pace in the race.

    You can adjust session times in the track gdb file.

    Heres an example, you can add, edit or remove anyof these lines:

    TestDayDay = Thursday
    TestDayStart = 8:30
    Practice1Day = Friday
    Practice1Start = 11:00
    Practice1Duration = 60
    Practice2Day = Friday
    Practice2Start = 13:00
    Practice2Duration = 60
    Practice3Day = Saturday
    Practice3Start = 9:00
    Practice3Duration = 60
    Practice4Day = Saturday
    Practice4Start = 10:15
    Practice4Duration = 60
    QualifyDay = Saturday
    QualifyStart = 13:00
    QualifyDuration = 30
    QualifyLaps = 12
    WarmupDay = Sunday
    WarmupStart = 9:30
    WarmupDuration = 60
    RaceDay = Sunday
    RaceStart = 14:00
    RaceLaps = 50
    RaceTime = 120
  3. ! Also Remember to back up files and be prepared to get kicked from online play if you edit these files. I use a separate install for my offline championship so I can edit files however I want, and go online with the clean install.
  4. Great, that answers my questions, thanks! One more though: How do I change whether or not a championship has a constructors championship or not? I have tweaked the F3 championship a bit, and would like to add a constructors championship, but I can't figure out how.
  5. unfortunately I have never seen the ability to add a constructors championship. I don't think I ever saw it in rFactor either so it probably just isn't in the gmotor engine. The only way would be to keep a spread sheet I suppose.