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Addition to RD & GTL Racing Staff

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Stuart Thomson, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    Some of you may have noticed already, but for those who haven't, Carlos Diaz is joing RD Racing Staff with immediate effect.

    He & I will strive to continue running the GTL CLub, Series & Leagues with the same level of professionalism, and (hopefully) enjoyable events for you all.

    Please join me in wishing him luck.

    (He'll need it.) :tongue:
  2. Great stuff!

    Good luck, I am sure you will do a great job Carlos:)
  3. Congrats Carlos
  4. good luck carlos .no doubt you will do a good job. i wish i had more free time:rolleyes:.
  5. Best of luck with your new job Carlos! :smile:
  6. Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz
    Happily driving a "girly" car

    Thank you for the warm welcome guys. I hope I can be a good addition to the team and not disappoint you. I would hate to make Stu look bad.

    And thanks also for your wishes of luck, I am sure every bit of luck will help, hehe.
  7. Welcome Mr Diaz
  8. Go there Mr Carlos, nice to see someone to keep Stu on his toes.

    Good luck with your new role and I hope you enjoy it as much as the racing.
  9. Nice one Carlos - i'm sure you'll do a great job!
  10. David Cuthill

    David Cuthill

    Good luck in the new job Carlos.
  11. He'll look after that part himself Carlos, lool. :biggrin:

    Congratulations Carlos, great to see you added to the team, I have every confidence that you will uphold the GTL high standards. :thumbup:
  12. Now I understand you allusion in your mail ;-) I was congratulating you back then for the great show you pulled off thaming the panty, but now I will certainly congratulate you again.... this time, for becoming a staff member :D

    I believe this is your place to be ;)
  13. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Congratulations Carlos, I am very curios what you have in mind for us??
  14. LeMans in a 906 :tongue:
  15. Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz
    Happily driving a "girly" car

    Actually I was gonna do Le Mans in the Minis!

    Yeah right, It would take us all day lol.

    Guys, please PM me any thing you would like to see on Tuesdays. I would like to get a feel for what kind of stuff you like. Maybe you want to try some new cars like the Abarth 131 or Plymouth AAR Cuda. Or maybe you have a favorite track that we don't know about and you would like for us to take a spin on it. Stuff like that. I have some ideas of my own already but knowing first hand what you like is way better than guessing.
  16. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    Yep - to elaborate on what Carlos mentions above - he's getting the Tuesday events to go nuts with, and I'm carrying on the rotating Thursday Club Series and RDHGP events.
  17. gratz carlos:) im also new to the legends club so hello all