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Adding another AI path for rFactor track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Scott Mitchell, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. I have an AI path for the track and pits to the main track and they both work no worries in game, but what i am wondering is if it is posibble to add another. I have added an extra length by joining it to the main track to have a longer variation, and this is where i come unstuck for fear of losing the main tracks ai path or worse.

    I plan on having the extended track inside the main folder so both tracks show up under one heading, but is it possible to do the longer track paths in BTB as well, or would this be better done once the track is fully complete in game with the AIW editor.
  2. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    From reading your post, my immediate answer would be;

    You cant add to the AI path, as how would it know which was the correct to use.
    And anyway, if your wanting a different layout, its normally done as another folder in your track folder
  3. Thanks Festa,

    Both layouts will have there own folder within the main, so that its track folder--standard track and longer track folders with different ai, cams ect for each. I noticed that when trying to do the ai for the longer version, it only goes point to point where the extension is and not around the whole track so aiw editor it is. Was hoping there might have been a workaround within BTB for this to export into the main track folder but under track name extended for example.

  4. Do you mean two tracks at the same venue? If so, I think I may have a solution.

    I haven't tried this, so I'm not sure if it will work, but you can give it a try.

    1. Save your track as a different name (as in My track Extended) (you should then have two separate tracks with two different names that are actually the same).

    2. Use BTB's AIW Editor to move the driveline and centreline to the new extention.

    3. Open the Export Box, and Type in the same Venue name as in the original Track (BobsTrackBuilder in Mine)

    4. Type in a different Track name (I would have to Change Track01 to Track01B or Track02 or something like that).

    5. Uncheck the box 'Clear Folder'

    6. Export.

    I'm not sure if this will work as i have not tried it myself, but please say so if it does because I'm Currently building a multi-layout track.

  5. FerrariMan96 is spot on with that one, you can then use the same mas files for both the tracks. Just separate the xfiles into track specific mas files and your good to go. you can even have some objects at one race event and not in the other, just edit the scn file. If it's a long extension, manually dragging out the ai lines does take a while. I have 7 sub tracks at 1 venue, gets confusing after a while.....

    using the Rfactor ai editor you can add extra ai paths but I have trouble with the ai after using the editor so haven't succeeded there yet. I tried to make a land rush start on an off rd track, but track keeps crashing.
  6. Thanks FerrariMan96 and legendsatlunch its greatly appreciated. Have just cleared and shifted the lines, grid spots, pit positions ect for the extension as the pits are in a different postion to the main track (should of thought of that at the start lol, but i'll know better next time). The main is just over 4k's and roughly double with the extension. First track to be released so will keep learning and experimenting as i go along to see what wierd creations and ideas i can think of for the next one. Geez legends 7 in 1 i couldn't even comprehend working on something like that yet. Again thanks and much appreciated guys.

    Scott aka RiceEyes
  7. Im doing a track that will probably end up with five layouts but seven...
  8. LOL! It's not that bad but if I get an inspiration and change the race line DOH Thats a nightmare......... LOL But it's so much fun when you get into it.
    just remember to work on the one project and just update the scn's of the other circuits once you start getting them ingame. cause if ya forget and spend 12 hours changing the terrain and adding hundreds of tso's in the wrong one, you go Doh I gotta overwrite the original, change the ai line and we are all good.. I kid really it's a bloody breaze once you get into it! lol