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Adding a Lake/river

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Drive a Race Car, May 27, 2009.

  1. I am wanting to add a lake/river but i'm not sure how to go about this.

    Also is it possible to make a car splash through water in rfactor with the splash effects?

    Spanx! :)
  2. Yes ...

    there are several ways to accomplish the task ... the best thing to do is study from examples ... I had to ...

    I have 4 released tracks that allow you to do this.

    Desert Mesa, New Ridge Valley, Accelerama and Crandonesque ... and my soon to be released, Blue River Canyon.


    But, I wont tell anyone how I do it ... mainly as it is time consumming work and I dont have time. and Animation .... that is another time consumer meaning making textures for each animated frame ... or searching for examples on the net .... then customizing to fit the need ...

    the main things to look at are the material naming and the tbf file ....
  3. errr... ha ha

    ha ha ok scrap that idea its too much for my poor head to absorb. How do i get a static water look in to BTB? i've seen some tracks with just a lake in the middle but no movement.

    Ta-ra :)
  4. MMM, amaizing job!!, congratulations!!

  5. Hint 1: If your building a track with a lake or river ...

    this is the first thing you do in btb. the river is an open ended track, a lake is a closed loop track with the inside flatten (this will become the Lake later) ...

    Hint 2: have a water texture/water material created before you start doing your "project" and export for the first time.

    Now when you go to drive on the Lake or water ... you will have to create a section in the "terrain definition file" tbf.

    if you want animation ... you need 3dSimed ... and this is done after your track is finished in BTB (there are work-arounds, but requires some outside-the-box creativity)

    Hint 3: Don't go crazy in the number of frames used in your animations. Or having too many (large area of animated terrain) close to your driving "racing" path ... this Will suck up valuable FPS ... make sure you have some distance between your river/lake and track.

    Hint 4: don't pile on lots of objects in the same area as the animated area for two reasons ... 1] its animated so you want it visable to enjoy it, 2] FPS considerations

    ok .... that is enough to get brain cells clicking ...
  6. Hint 5: your going to find out that the first time you go to Drive your track in rFactor ... you will be placed on the first node, of the first track, that you made (in this case on the river or on the bank of the lake) ... unless you remember to edit the path to the correct track before you export.
  7. Again, Accelerama, CRANDONesque, and Desert Mesa all have Lakes ... without animation .... but are drivable surfaces with spray.

    New Ridge Valley and the recently released, Blue Ridge Canyon ... use animation.
  8. Your camera actions in the above video are superb! Got to get that track.