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Add on mods getting mixed up on track

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Sk3ptik0n, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. When I launch a Third party mod I often find some cars from other mods on track. In some cases even a majority of them. The other day I loaded one of the slow cars and the blancpain mod loaded along with it. I wasn't aware of it and I had air to air missile passing me at Londrina.

    I know that this has been an issue with some third party mods in the past, but I guess I was lucky and it happened to me usually only the first time I loaded the of and all I had to do was load it again and it would only load cars from the mod I wanted. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

    Was there ever a fix?
  2. Nox

    Staff Premium

    It is because they share the same 'class' - in the .veh files you need to give the mods their own class. There is another thread about this, but I have to rush now :)
  3. Now I remember, thank you. It was a long time ago I read that and I could not remember the fix because I didn't need it.

    But if I change the class, won't that mess up MP? I could simply create an alternate vehicle folder, one with the original and one with the SP settings. I already do that in some of my GTR2, rFactor and GSC installation (mostly the Location folder, so I don't have to have multiple 5GB location folders on my drive with similar tracks and I can keep the original Reiza tracks if I want to run a pristine game without mods).

    Thank you for refreshing my memory. I think I remember how to do it.
  4. I just found this post I made some time ago and just in case someone else lands here looking for the fix I figured I'll put it here

    1) Go to gamedata/vehicle/youMod/yourcar
    2) open the .vhe file every car has
    3) find a line that starts like this:
    Classes="reiza5,{modname} {carname}"
    4) Edit every .vhe file in your mod with the same class. Naturally, make sure that classname is not already taken elsewhere. Also, if you have a tool like Notepad++ (notepad Plus Plus) or any advanced text editor, you should be able to do this in bulk. At least for every car in the mod if not for the entire mod at once.

    in other words, using your text editor, let's assume you have the following mod:
    and it contains

    What you may find in the .vhe file for those cars may look like this:
    Classes="reiza5,CARMOD CAR1"
    Classes="reiza5,CARMOD CAR2"
    Classes="reiza5,CARMOD CAR3"
    What happens with this mod is that if you select CAR1, you end up racing only with other CAR1 models and not with bCAR2 and 3.
    So fire up the Text Editor and use the "find in folder" or the equivalent and select the folder for CAR1
    Next search for:
    Classes="reiza5,CARMOD CAR1"
    and substitute in bulk
    repeat for each folder and you are done.
  5. I have a minor edit to make here. On some mods after doing this I got a "No opponent Selected" when I tried to launch the mod after making these edits. I am not sure how to fix it ATM. But I will publish the fix if I find it.

    EDIT: apparently I was doing something wrong. When I tried again it worked. Probably I deselected the mod or something like that. The version of GSC I am using (I have several) was full of mods and was very slow to respond to input. So I just separated it by class (open wheel/GT/Protos etc.) and now it works a lot better. In this case rather than install a brand new build I simply duplicated the Vehicle folder and I either rename it as needed or I edit the preference file.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2014
  6. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Thanks for this post have wanting to try this out with the Grumble converter tool, now I got it newbie speak :thumbsup: