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Adbu Dhabi at DAY!?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by belliash, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I have played at Abu Dhabi in Time Trial and there was night...
    But in Carrier in both Quali & Race its DAY!! :( And its not gonna change...

    Any ideas?
    Can anyone confirm this?
  2. If you are racing at 20% or 50% race distance you won't see day/night transition. :)
  3. Yes, im racing 50%...
    So its available only when racing 100%?
  4. IMO it needs to be changed, or at least sped up because in the real race by lap 30 to 35 the last 2 years - it was completely dark.
    but it does change - there are a few videos on youtube that document the change as well.
  5. Hell, in GRID while racing at Le Mans the day/night/day transition was in every race length mode. In the shortest setting it took just a few minutes to change from day to pitch black and sunny morning again. Why not here?
  6. exactly... Or they just could make it night race... but not day ;(
  7. But then there will be haters saying "it's not accurate ... Abu Dhabi race starts in the day ... why isn't this game like the real thing?"
    It's already confirmed that day - night transition is there, just play the 100% race to correctly experience it.
    If you choose to shorten the race, then you have to compromise on somethings.
  8. there is nothing wrong with a 100% race. just have a redbull hahahahaha
  9. I did a 100% race a week ago. You can see the sky getting darker at about lap 10 and the sun sets completely at about lap 40, which is a little late as the sun sets halfway through the real race. Not that I'll hold that against the game. I do think the day/night transition should be sped up for shorter races (because not even 50% races get the full transition), like CM did in GRID.