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ADAC Masters 2014 Graphics and other things

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Vojko Music, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone!

    I bought ADAC Master 2014 pack today and I must tell I love it :) But when I launched that pack and entered the race I have noticed graphics are much much better than at other races? Is it just me or those graphics and lightning should be implemented to all parts of the game? Can you confirm this S3 that visuals are different with this pack? Don't get me wrong...I love it and should be implemented at other tracks and cars :)

    What bothers me also is that LCD on the Mclaren Mp4 12C GT3. Is there any info if S3 will work on it or is it as it is? It would be really shame that we have such a great model with fake LCD in the interior.

    Ty for your replies and see you around :)
  2. Are you saying the cars from the pack look better (i.e. 2014 Audi R8 looks better than the 2013 Audi R8)? Or are you saying that everything (cars/tracks) looks better from inside the Experience vs the same cars/tracks in regular R3E?

    Funny you mentioned the LCD in the McLaren. I just watched a video from Assetto Corsa (which I have and find very boring in comparison to R3E), but the shift lights in their McLaren (actually all of their dash shift lights) are very vivid and I jealously wanted that look in R3E.
  3. Graphics of the car and overall environment light looks much crisper than in all other packs and parts of the game. If you want me to, I can take a picture with the exact same car (Mclaren Mp4-12C GT3 ADAC 2014) on the same track taken as the custom made single player game and a picture taken when you go directly into the ADAC 2014 pack. You will see how better the quality of the picture will be in the ADAC pack (generally what you said; "Or are you saying that everything (cars/tracks) looks better from inside the Experience vs the same cars/tracks in regular R3E?")

    I am a single screen user and cant see anything on that LCD. Even speed and RPMs are not visible to me. That's why I hope they will add a speed indicator next to the gear or beyond the gear indicator :)

    I was wondering how is that possible, that's why I asked S3 guys how is that possible and why is that? Oo
  4. Please show some comparisons.
  5. Yeah, that would be cool...I'd be interested to see your comparison shots and to hear from S3 to confirm what the difference may be.

    I'm a triple projector user so I have more real estate than you, but I am selling my tach w/shift light and would like to replace it with a simple gear indicator. Thinking about this guy:
  6. Ok, pictures taken with exact same conditions on the Motosport Arena:

    First ADAC pack:
    ADAC 1.jpg ADAC 2.jpg ADAC 3.jpg ADAC 4.jpg

    No ADAC pack:
    2015-01-15_00010.jpg 2015-01-15_00011.jpg 2015-01-15_00012.jpg 2015-01-15_00013.jpg 2015-01-15_00014.jpg

    Idk if you can see any difference but image is much brighter with the ADAC pack when you launch it. I have tested it on a few tracks and it seems ADAC pack has a little bit crisper image at tracks and cars...
  7. Maybe there is graphical difference, as dtm 2014 had updated graphics and stuff from that was not in dtm 2013, i thought some newer expansions are useing better graphics.
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  8. If they use newer graphics for newer packs that's fine by me but it's kinda unfair to other players that use older content. That's how you a practically forced to buy newer and newer packs and you simply put away older packs because they don't match the quality of new packs. They should do updates to the game by overall and not only to a new content. I know that would take much more time but at least that's the way it should be. And how would you feel if you know that only new packs will include graphical and other updates? Does it make any sense to invest money anymore simply because you know that newer content might get updates which old packs wont get them :S Don't get me wrong! This is an amazing game and devs are improving that game by a lot!

    I would like to hear some explanation from official (Sector3) guys on what is going on? It sure is welcomed to see updates but what about an old content? Will it get that kind of updates? Since prices are about the same...
  9. interesting... mood setting maybe?
  10. ?
  11. not sure, but isn't their settings in some file that can change the style or mood of the graphics?

    Someone will know better than I.
  12. That's only the effect of the weather and time cycle which can be set through the menu :D
  13. I agree with you. I did notice a difference when watching gameplay video of the new Adac 2014 or dtm 2014. I was wondering if i was going crazy.

    It does look better.

    dtm 2013 red bull ring

    Dtm 2014 red bull ring
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  14. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
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    They aren't. I changed mine to "realistic" the other day and it made things looks nicer, at all times of day. A little bit less saturated and crisper.

    And remember this game is still in beta so things are getting updated as they can get to them and we're getting to enjoy what they have done while they work. By the time it's officially released I would expect all content to be of the same quality. It's a small team, they can only get so much done at a time.
  15. I could see these presets being added with an upcoming update, much like they added the time of day. My projectors naturally aren't as sharp/vivid as a monitor, so I'd love to be able to try different settings.

    I still want to hear from S3 as to whether the graphics are in fact different in the new experience. I can see a 2014 car being updated vs its 2013 counterpart. But to have the same track look different in the experience vs out? That doesn't make sense to me from a code standpoint.
  16. Peter

    who cares Premium

    The only difference between experience tracks are the event packs.
  17. Ofc, m8 :) I understand this game is still in a beta phase and tbh it's astonishing me every single time I launch it :O Many other games that are called v1.0 are not in pair with this game :) I was just wondering if there is any difference at all because when I started to play Championship at the ADAC 2014 I immediately noticed the difference in the graphics. Well not that models are better polished or tracks but lightning from environment is much crisper and I can see apex and other things much easier than normally I do in this game :)

    Wll as I said above lightning from environment is stronger and crisper for me :) I could be that...I don't see any difference comparing track or car models :D Or color saturation is different. Who knows....(ohh, S3 ofc :p)
  18. Sorry, but the pictures look exactly the same.