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ADAC GT MASTERS EXPERIENCE 2014 offline AI does not pit

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by RacingJustForFun, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. Hello, I bought the Retail box ADAC GT MASTERS EXPERIENCE 2014 which does include an offline version of the game and an online steam version of the game.

    Unlike the online steam version, the OFFLINE version of the game does NOT have the option "mandatory pitstops to choose or disable. This option just isn't there in the OFFLINE version. Therefore, even in an 60 minute race, AI does not pit at all.

    But I was told from the manufacturer, that even the OFFLINE version does have the pitstops!
    That's WHY I bought the game (because I generally prefer offline racing versus AI more than online racing) and NOW it turns out, that at least MY retail OFFLINE version does not offer the possibility of mandatory pitstops!?

    Anyone here having the same issue or a solution?

    Is there a simbin/sector3 eMail support to write to?
  2. William Wester

    William Wester
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    Where did you get a "retail box" version of this?
  3. amazon.de in Germany. Also in retail stores.
  4. Retail versions of DTM & ADAC GT Masters? Without any online mode or AI mandatory pitstops?



    This is the Sector 3's first step to my disappointment. This year I'm entering to marketing studies. If I ever had to do a work or presentation on how NOT to sell a product Sector 3 will be my core example. Sorry but, after seeing this I'll do.
  5. The retail versions DO offer online mode and mandatory pitstops - in the included ONLINE STEAM versions.

    BUT the included OFFLINE installation DOES NOT offer mandatory pitstops - at leat at my version!
  6. Are you sure you set the difficulty level to Amateur or Get Real in the offline version? Novice doesn't have any pitstops. Can you do a screenshot of your race settings screen?

    Stop being overdramatic, he said the box contains both an offline and an online version.
  7. YES, it IS GET REAL. I just drove another (offline) race. No pitstopiing Ai:
    No option to turn MANDATORY PITSTOPS on or off.
    No option to turn TYRE WEAR on or off.

    And I noticed more differences between offline/online game.

    ONLINE max. AI opponents is 18
    OFFLINE max. AI oponents is 21 BUT three cars are doublettes meaning there are TWO cars number 14 with the same AI driver names (M.Asmer/F.Spengler) , TWO cars number 23 (M.Engel/J.Seyffarth),
    TWO cars number 24 (T.Enge/A.von Thurn und Taxis) .

    No screenhots right now, BUT the options screens of ONLINE game and OFFLINE game look totally different AND like I said, in MY OFFLINE version there are no options to turn on or off mandatory pitstops as well as tyre wear. There are both missing.
  8. xnorb

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