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Adac 2014 pricing

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Martin Edmunds, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Now that's price i can get behind.

    DTM:E 2014 = As i was already owning all cars and track from 2013 , I got offered a updated version of 3 car in a new experience cost = 1404 VRP that's for 3 updated cars and a new experience.

    (ADAC 2014 Let say i bought the 2 new track from the pack = 395 vrp just for the sake of making it more comparable )
    Adac 2014 : already owning all the cars and track get offered a new version of 6 cars and a new experience cost 1066 vrp - 395vrp(Track cost) = 671 vrp for 6 updated cars and a new experience.

    I don't know about you but getting 6 updated cars within a new experience at 671 vrp is lot better than 3 updated cars in a new experience for 1404 vrp.
    I already went on that rant about the cost of Dtm 2014 , If they would align the price to be in the 700Vrp for someone who owns the previous content i would buy it.
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  2. you mean we have 2 versions for exactly same cars ? updated and not updated ? To be more clear, Audi R8 LMS we get 1 month ago different from one we get now ??? i'm confuse.
  3. The cars are the same, but obviously have been improved, but any improvements also apply to the 'older' versions (I believe, I haven't bought the individual liveries).

    I'm a tad disappointed that the R8 is still the 2012 model rather than using the new rear wing though.

    No complaints about the price though. I haven't bought DTM 2014 as it won't be integrated into the base game ATM, but at the moment I have WTCC 2013, GTM 2013 + 2014, and the extra Euro tracks for the initial 5000 points I bought plus change, and that's about the price of a standard game these days so it's fair value to me (although I appreciate value is different for every individual). When I want to add a different style of cars, I'll have no trouble paying a few £ for DTM or a few p for the Radicals or DPs.
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  4. i have no complaints about the price ether. I think it very fair so far. Just want some clarification from S3 on "old/new" car update practice.
  5. To give another pricing example: I got DTM 2014, ADAC 2013 and now ADAC 2014 all for just under 5000 vRP. I probably should have waited and got DTM 2014, ADAC 2014 and extra tracks, but I wanted the complete set of GT3 car options above all else.

    Very fair pricing.
  6. Think about this one. If U new user, U should pay for ADAC 2014 near 50 dollars, its "little" expensive for just one dlc I think, cause more of the FINISHED AND OPTIMIZED games doesnt costs so. :cautious: I say finished, cause I dont see any anoncements that R3E is already released for now, its beta.
  7. Not really. its only 2500 vrp (around $27) and you get 6 cars and 8 tracks... not bad at all.
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  8. ok, let it be, but why they sell thec content already with huge discount, that was never exist? :D How for a new user can make a calculation of discount for item, when it added a few hours ago? :roflmao:
  9. Actually the cars from DTM 2014 are brand new models and the cars from ADAC 2014 are updated versions with new liveries.
  10. I curse Racerooms decision to let me try the cars before buying. I try this car boy this is fun VRP drop. I try this even more fun more VRP drop...

    I also in a weak moment bought 5000 VRP or something. I am not exactly sure. But I got ADAC 2014, DTM 2014, hillclimb icon pack, european tracks. The last on 95 % sale as I got all tracks btu two. ADAC 2013 I think I bought before not sure.

    Not sure if I am missing something here.

    I would love to get the daytona prototype, the mistral prototypes, the zonda r, the radicals and all the touring classics. Would be much easier to resist not having to driven them and liking them so much.

    Only car I didn´t enjoy much was the bmw m1.
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  11. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    I'm a little disappointed in the price (only a little). I was hoping two tracks, a bunch of new liveries and one less car than ADAC 2013 would come in at sub-1000vRP. I don't want to moan but it does irk me how we're repeatedly charged for stuff we already own, just tweaked a bit.
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  12. Didn't you get any discounts?
    I gave 1066VRPs for ADAC 2014, not too bad if you ask me! :thumbsup:
  13. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Same price here. As I said, I think it's just a little high for what it is but I'm sure I will get more than my money's worth out of the update.
  14. So is it cheaper to buy the two tracks with the euro track pack(which I have the old tracks) then ADAC 2014....or would that be the same price no matter what I do?
  15. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Actually I think it was 1154vRP.
  16. i get track pack for 395 vrp
  17. track pack is 395 if all you were missing was the two new track.

    I cannot confirm that once you own these track how much Adac 2014 goes for.
    I was simply making calculation to compare it with DTM:E if you owned all the previous 2013 content ( paying 395 if that is all you were missing)

    Sorry if its confusing but such is the way of raceroom lol .
    Bottom line. Its a great value /IMO
  18. No, this way you would have to pay 50vRP extra.

    By the way, there's quite a discount on vRP when buying in Raceroom's online store: http://www.raceroomstore.com/shop_en/vrp
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  19. hmmm that store looks totally different than what I am use to and is not https for logging in etc. What is it?

    I can only buy 5000 vrp it looks like on the store page I can get to http://game.raceroom.com/store/
    Whats the difference?
  20. It's the online store of RaceRoom Entertainment AG, the publisher of the game.
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