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ADAC 2014 brake issue

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by RoboCop69, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Have somebody else noticed for the ADAC 2014 cars, that it´s hard to lock up the wheels (if even impossible)? Playing "Get real", so the Antilock-Brake System should be "off".
  2. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Yes. Running 100% brake force and Clubsports but haven't locked up yet.
  3. ABS as been added to ADAC GT 2014 cars even in "get real" .. and this is because ADAC GT Master run with ABS IRL.
    So if you want "Get Real" you have the real thing now ;)
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  4. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    Correct, ADAC ran ABS in the 2014 season so they also have it on in the adac experience.

    We are looking into expanding that side of the driving aids to be more adjustable you desire it to be "less real" which in this case would be, race with no ABS.
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  5. Yes you´re right, thanks for the information. Compared to the deadly ADAC 2013 it´s for me like driving (braking) a Corolla while drinking a milkshake an watching the rainbow and unicorns out of the side window .

    I have found the older discussion to this topic:
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  6. lol
  7. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Didn't realise the regulations had changed. I'm happy to drive using the real assists even though I prefer ABS off normally.
  8. well this mayve changed my mind heh. i was driving adac '13 & decided id pass on '14 bc the brakes are just way too punishing unless you have a load cell. im at 25% sens & its ridiculous. also afaik (not sure about ADAC but gt3 in general) ABS + TC are are entirely optional in the real cars. so unless adac specifically has some rule against it, there should still be an option to disable ABS in the gt3 cars.

    still waiting for ABS to be added as a universal assist option.
  9. amateur mode.
  10. amateur mode isnt ABS only, afaik. its meant more for controllers i think.
  11. thought it had abs and tc assists?
  12. dont want any TC assist...
  13. Based on the name, I think it's meant for those who wants assists, or are amateurs..
  14. If the IRL professional drivers use ABS or TCS, then what`s the problem with pretend drivers using them? Why would you want to make a simulation more unrealistic than it`s real life counterpart; after all, the clue`s in the word "simulation".
    It`s going back to this whole thing of something being better, or more realistic because it`s harder. Which is nonsense. The better drivers will always beat the lesser ones, no matter what assists are used.
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  15. again, afaik those are OPTIONAL...and theres no excuse for a sim not having an abs assist option anyway, i cant think of one that doesnt (tho tbh no other company has released cars where i need it either)
  16. There are many optional elements that no game gives an option for. Is a steering wheel mandatory? tbh I dont even know the rules enough to know. Sometimes you dont get the option to opt out, when it just doesnt make sense to do so.
  17. the cars are supposed to be accurate reproductions, so yes a steering wheel is mandatory.
    i picked up the pack & im pretty sure TC can be disabled quite easily.
    its possible ABS is required for safety reasons (amateur drivers), even so in the future when physics are reworked for a lot of the cars without ABS, if its load cell or go home as far as breaks locking up, id like to play with 'get real' physics but have an artificial abs assist.
  18. It may be optionnal but I don't think you'll ever find a real driver or even a Team not using ABS when regulation allow it.
    It will be a total nonsense for them.
    If the rules allowed it, you'll see ABS in Formula1... because ABS is better than any driver can ever be.

    ABS is purely a thing that only so-called "simracer" don't want... even when real drivers use it. I really don't get this.
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  19. To disable TC just set the first TC step in the car setting to 0% and don't change it during the race. Regarding ABS I must admit I really enjoyed it as it was turned off for GTM 13. Was a lot of fun to find the right breaking points and strength. But indeed, the RL cars do all use ABS.
    At the final competition on the Sim Racing Expo, where the best sim drivers competed against the real Pros, Marc Basseng was close to retire the warm-up and stated the car was undriveable with TC enabled but without ABS;)
    To have it as an option would be the best idea
  20. I hear you, and I don't know why this is?.. :O_o:
    Have only been sim racing for a year, so my transition from more arcady titles are still fresh.:)
    And the only tricky part was to get rid of the habit with excessive throttle and braking..
    Everything else is easier, because in sims the cars respond to your inputs more like you expect them to.:thumbsup:
    In arcade games, not so much!!..:confused:

    I have actually a really hard time going back playing arcade racers now, the handling just don't make sense! Much harder than sim racing!! :poop: